10 Best Apps That Take Pictures of Intruders

Your mobile device is a personal asset, intended exclusively for your use. It’s a space off-limits to others without your explicit permission, especially when it involves accessing your private information. While you may have implemented various security features to ensure this, an additional precautionary step is crucial.

It’s imperative to stay vigilant regarding any unauthorized attempts to unlock your phone or instances where someone might have gained access without your knowledge. Consider scenarios where your device goes missing, and you need to trace its location. This is where the importance of apps that capture images of unauthorized individuals attempting to breach your phone’s security becomes evident – these are potential intruders.

Regardless of whether you use an Android or an iOS device, below is a compilation of apps equipped with exceptional features tailored to enhance the privacy and security of your smartphones and tablets.

5 iOS Apps That Snap Intruders

ICaughtU Pro

ICaughtU Pro stands out as one of the leading security applications adept at swiftly identifying any unauthorized use of your phone. While it may not deter the usage of your iOS device if it’s stolen or accessed without permission, its strength lies in capturing images each time the phone is unlocked.

If an unauthorized user tries to access your phone without the correct password, they are prone to making one or two unsuccessful password entries. This is the moment when the installed tweak springs into action. It triggers the front camera of your iOS device, capturing a sequence of images of the intruder. Subsequently, these images are quietly forwarded to your specified email address. Moreover, the app has the capability to send an SMS to a previously registered phone number.

Big Brother Camera

The enduring popularity of the Big Brother Camera app can be attributed to its functionality as a security app for iOS devices. It effectively transforms your phone into a virtual spy camera under specific conditions. More precisely, it activates the front camera when a user tries multiple actions without successfully entering the correct access code.

For instance, any unauthorized effort to open or close an app without the corresponding password will prompt the camera to activate. This iPhone app discreetly captures an image of the intruder. Depending on your configuration, the image is either stored on your device or sent via email or another message to a different device.


The application for iPhone captures a picture of the intruder. NotMyPhone represents another effective integration of theft prevention and recovery measures in the event of a theft. Operating primarily as a motion sensor, this app goes beyond the basics. It employs the iPhone’s gyroscope to identify any questionable activity on the phone, triggering the screen and camera flashes, accompanied by an audible alarm.

Once you’ve installed this application, designed to capture images of those trying to unlock your iPhone, it can generate an email and forward the intruder’s or thief’s picture directly to your inbox. In case of theft, you’ll have additional information to provide to the security authorities.


iGotYa is a phone locking application designed to take snapshots of anyone attempting to unlock your phone, whether they succeed or not. This implies that even if you, as the device owner, forget your password or pattern and input the wrong one, the app will treat you as an intruder and capture your picture, unless alternative features like face or voice recognition are in use.

Furthermore, this iPhone app not only captures images of intruders but also dispatches these pictures, along with the location, to you through an email message. But its capabilities extend beyond that; it also secures your privacy by locking access to all your data. An intriguing feature of this app is its ability to prevent intruders from powering off your device to evade tracking.

Hidden Anti-theft

This remarkable iPhone application is crafted to capture images of intruders, alleviating concerns about leaving your office or the potential unauthorized access by children or partners to sensitive information on your phone. By snapping a picture upon the entry of an incorrect password, you remain vigilant of any attempts to use your phone in your absence.

The app significantly enhances the chances of recovering your lost or stolen phone by utilizing Wi-Fi and GPS to precisely determine the device’s location. It functions as a robust security tool, activating an alarm and sending a notification when an intruder tries to access the phone. This strategic approach prompts the intruder to engage with the phone, either to silence the alarm or read the message. The moment any button is touched, multiple pictures are swiftly captured and forwarded to your account.

5 Android Apps That Snap Intruders

Third Eye

Staying true to its name, this application empowers you to recognize individuals who accessed your phone in your absence. It’s a straightforward app without an abundance of complex features, yet it efficiently fulfills its intended purpose. While it also captures a picture upon the entry of an incorrect password, it does not disseminate this information elsewhere.

The app functions by identifying incorrect PINs, passwords, or patterns and responding accordingly. Essentially, it’s an application that takes a picture of someone attempting to unlock your phone after a predetermined number of incorrect attempts. Notably, it preserves the image on the device itself and refrains from transmitting it elsewhere.

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Hidden Eye

The Hidden Eye goes beyond being a typical phone lock app that captures intruder images. It offers a timeline of stamped photos, detailing when these intruder images were taken. Its primary function aligns with similar apps, capturing pictures upon the entry of incorrect passwords.

Intruder Selfie

In addition to its core functionality, this app takes pictures each time the phone is unlocked. This means that whether or not an intruder successfully accesses your phone, they inadvertently take a selfie. Upon an incorrect password entry, the app initiates photo capture, storing images along with the corresponding time and date.

Intruder Photo Log

The Intruder Photo Log acts as a comforting reassurance, providing peace of mind that your device is secure. Functioning similarly to other apps that capture photos upon unlocking your phone, it presents a detailed log of individuals who accessed your phone without consent. Beyond identification, it offers insights into the duration of their usage and pinpoints the incorrect passwords entered.

CM Locker

This innovative phone lock application from Cheetah Mobile, named CM Locker, not only captures images of intruders but also stores pictures of anyone attempting to access your device with incorrect passwords.

Moreover, if you link this phone lock app to your Facebook account, you gain the ability to remotely locate and lock your device. As technology continually evolves, phone users are driven to explore additional methods to enhance device security. These remarkable security apps, including CM Locker, capture images when the wrong password is entered.

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