25 D&D 5e Tools List Along With Their Uses, Cost & Brief Description

In the realm of gaming, tools serve as the conduits through which one can undertake actions that would otherwise be unattainable. These actions span a broad spectrum of activities, encompassing tasks like cooking, crafting, forgery, and more. In Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition (D&D 5e), tools fulfill a similar role. Personally, I believe that introducing more tools into the game can significantly enhance its allure and engagement.

D&D 5e presents players with the chance to acquire various tools, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the gaming experience. This article aims to offer an overview of D&D 5e tools and provide brief descriptions of their functions.

What Do Tools Represent in Dungeons and Dragons 5e?

When players shape their characters and define their traits in the game, tools in Dungeons and Dragons 5e function as attributes or abilities. These tools empower players to assume diverse roles and are closely tied to the character’s class. Once selected, a player’s D&D 5e class remains fixed. The choice of tools is influenced by the character’s background and the player’s preferences.

The Significance of Artisan Tools in Dungeons and Dragons:

Artisan tools play a crucial role within the game, imparting specific expertise and abilities to characters that can be employed to earn a livelihood in the D&D world. Characters can offer their skills to other players and enhance their standard of living. You may wonder about the potential earnings tied to these skills. The answer is straightforward: the more proficient a player becomes, the greater their potential earnings.

Selection of 5e Tools in Dungeons and Dragons:

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) offers players a diverse array of 5e tools, influenced by factors such as the chosen D&D 5e class, D&D 5e feats, and D&D 5e races. When a player crafts their character in the game, they encounter various tool selection options aligned with their character’s abilities and the availability of tools. Initially, the tool selection is somewhat limited, but as the game progresses, players gain opportunities to acquire additional tools and achieve proficiency in D&D 5e tools.

D&D 5e Tools List:

Here are the tools available in the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

Tinkers tool
Thieves tools
Mason’s tool
Leatherworker’s tools
Potter’s Tool
Gaming Sets
Cobbler’s tools
CAlligrapher’s supplies
Forgery Kit
Musical instruments
Cook’s Utensils
Herbalism Kit
Carpenter’s tool
Navigator’s Tool
Cartographer’s tool
Woodcarver’s tool
Smith’s Tool
Brewer’s Tools
Disguise Kit
Jewelers tools
Poisoner’s kit
Glassblowers tools
Alchemist tool

Top 25 D&D 5th Edition (5E) Tools

Here is a concise overview of the top 25 Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition tools:

  1. Alchemist Supplies
    • Cost: 50 gold pieces
    • Enables the crafting of potions and chemical mixtures.
  2. Tinker’s Tools
    • Cost: 50 gold pieces
    • Durable tools for improvising and repairing technological devices.
  3. Poisoner’s Kit
    • Cost: 50 gold pieces
    • Permits the creation of lethal substances and antidotes.
  4. Jeweler’s Tools
    • Cost: 25 gold pieces
    • Allows crafting of magical items using precious gemstones.
  5. Glassblower’s Tools
    • Cost: 30 gold pieces
    • Enables the shaping of glass into various forms for magical purposes.
  6. Disguise Kit
    • Cost: 25 gold pieces
    • Facilitates altering a character’s appearance for deception.
  7. Brewer’s Tools
    • Cost: 20 gold pieces
    • Craft signature beverages for trade and barter.
  8. Smith’s Tools
    • Cost: 20 gold pieces
    • Engages with metals to create and repair items.
  9. Navigator’s Tools
    • Cost: 25 gold pieces
    • Essential for plotting courses at sea and celestial navigation.
  10. Cartographer’s Tools
    • Cost: 15 gold pieces
    • Measures and interprets geographic details for map creation.
  11. Carpenter’s Tools
    • Cost: 8 gold pieces
    • Discerns imperfections in wooden objects and constructs shelters.
  12. Herbalism Kit
    • Cost: 5 gold pieces
    • Utilizes herbs for crafting potions and balms.
  13. Leatherworker’s Tools
    • Cost: 5 gold pieces
    • Crafts various leather items and identifies leather origins.
  14. Forgery Kit
    • Cost: 15 gold pieces
    • Creates and detects counterfeit documents.
  15. Thieves’ Tools
    • Cost: 25 gold pieces
    • Locates and disarms traps, essential for criminal activities.
  16. Calligrapher’s Supplies
    • Cost: 10 gold pieces
    • Crafts exquisite writing and uncovers hidden messages.
  17. Cobbler’s Tools
    • Cost: 5 gold pieces
    • Crafts shoes, discerns personalities by footwear, and creates hidden compartments.
  18. Cook’s Utensils
    • Cost: 1 gold piece
    • Prepares meals, enhances survival skills, and identifies plants.
  19. Potter’s Tools
    • Cost: 10 gold pieces
    • Shapes clay into functional items and aids in reconstruction.
  20. Painter’s Supplies
    • Cost: 10 gold pieces
    • Creates artwork, identifies forgeries, and deciphers hidden messages.
  21. Mason’s Tools
    • Cost: 10 gold pieces
    • Identifies weaknesses in structures and addresses damages.
  22. Woodcarver’s Tools
    • Cost: 1 gold piece
    • Crafts bows, arrows, and wooden figures with cultural styles.
  23. Weaver’s Tools
    • Cost: 1 gold piece
    • Weaves fabric for clothing and tailors to customers’ backgrounds.

This summary provides a quick reference to the essential characteristics and uses of each tool in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

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Dive into the World of Dungeons & Dragons: Exploring 25 Essential Tools for 5e Enthusiasts

If you’re an avid Dungeons & Dragons player, you know the importance of having the right tools at your disposal. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into 25 must-have D&D 5e tools, unraveling their uses, costs, and providing brief descriptions to enhance your gaming experience.

1. Character Builder: Crafting Your Fantasy Persona

Unleash your creativity with the D&D 5e Character Builder. This tool lets you seamlessly create your fantasy persona, complete with detailed characteristics, skills, and backstory.

2. Spellbook App: Mastering the Arcane Arts

For spellcasters, the Spellbook App is a game-changer. Organize your spells, track slots, and access a vast spell database to always be ready for any magical encounter.

3. Dice Roller: Leave Nothing to Chance

Bid farewell to physical dice mishaps with the D&D 5e Dice Roller. Ensure fair and random rolls, keeping the excitement alive without the worry of misplaced or biased dice.

4. Encounter Generator: Fueling Spontaneity in Your Campaigns

Inject spontaneity into your campaigns with the Encounter Generator. Create unexpected challenges, keeping both players and Dungeon Masters on their toes.

5. Monster Manual: Your Gateway to Fantastic Beasts

Navigate the realms armed with knowledge using the Monster Manual tool. Explore the characteristics, lore, and abilities of creatures, enhancing your strategic prowess.

6. Magic Item Compendium: Unveiling the Mysteries of Artifacts

Discover the secrets of mystical artifacts with the Magic Item Compendium. Learn about their uses, lore, and unlock the potential of these powerful items.

7. Campaign Planner: Weaving Epic Narratives

Craft unforgettable adventures with the Campaign Planner. Seamlessly organize plotlines, characters, and twists, ensuring your campaigns captivate players from start to finish.

8. Virtual Tabletop: Bridging Distances for Seamless Gameplay

Embrace the virtual realm with the Virtual Tabletop tool. Connect with players worldwide, immersing yourself in a digital landscape that transcends geographical boundaries.

9. Monster Token Generator: Adding Visual Flair to Encounters

Enhance your gaming experience with the Monster Token Generator. Bring creatures to life on your tabletop with visually stunning tokens, adding a touch of realism to every encounter.

10. Town Generator: Building Vibrant Fantasy Settlements

Construct vibrant fantasy towns effortlessly using the Town Generator. Populate your world with unique locales, each brimming with opportunities and challenges.

11. Random Name Generator: Breathing Life into Characters

Don’t get bogged down by naming dilemmas; let the Random Name Generator do the heavy lifting. Quickly conjure names for NPCs, adding depth and authenticity to your campaign.

12. Weather Simulator: Immersive Atmospheres for Your World

Immerse your players in a world of ever-changing climates with the Weather Simulator. From torrential rain to scorching heat, set the mood and challenge your party with unpredictable weather patterns.

13. Alignment Chart: Navigating Moral Complexities

Dive into the moral intricacies of your characters using the Alignment Chart. Understand their ethical compass and foster role-playing scenarios that push the boundaries of their beliefs.

14. Battlemap Creator: Visualizing Epic Encounters

Craft visually stunning battlemaps with the Battlemap Creator. Elevate your combat scenes by providing a tangible and immersive visual representation of the terrain.

15. Puzzle Solver: Adding Brain-teasing Elements

Challenge your players’ intellect with the Puzzle Solver. Integrate mind-bending puzzles seamlessly into your campaign, offering a break from combat while keeping the suspense alive.

16. NPC Relationship Tracker: Weaving Intricate Storylines

Build intricate storylines with the NPC Relationship Tracker. Map out connections between non-player characters, creating a web of alliances, rivalries, and unforeseen twists.

17. Loot Generator: Rewarding Victorious Adventures

Make looting exciting and unpredictable with the Loot Generator. Spice up your campaigns by offering unique and unexpected rewards for your players’ endeavors.

18. Homebrew Rule Manager: Tailoring Rules to Your Campaign

Customize your gaming experience with the Homebrew Rule Manager. Tailor rules to fit your campaign’s narrative, allowing for a more personalized and engaging adventure.

19. Thematic Soundboard: Setting the Sonic Stage

Elevate your gaming atmosphere with the Thematic Soundboard. Immerse players in the world with carefully curated soundscapes, enhancing the emotional impact of every moment.

20. Calendar Generator: Tracking Time in Your Fantasy World

Bring temporal order to your campaign using the Calendar Generator. Track days, months, and seasons, adding a layer of realism to your fantasy world.

21. Language Translator: Breaking Down Communication Barriers

Navigate the diverse linguistic landscapes of your fantasy world with the Language Translator. Foster immersive interactions between characters, making language a dynamic and integral part of your campaign.

22. Trap Generator: Keeping Players on Their Toes

Infuse your dungeons with unexpected challenges using the Trap Generator. Keep players guessing as they navigate through a labyrinth of cunningly crafted traps and obstacles.

23. Quest Log: Organizing Epic Story Arcs

Maintain order in your narrative chaos with the Quest Log. Track ongoing quests, objectives, and character motivations, ensuring a coherent and compelling storyline.

24. Monster Encounter Difficulty Calculator: Balancing the Odds

Strike the perfect balance in encounters with the Monster Encounter Difficulty Calculator. Tailor your battles to challenge players without overwhelming them, creating a harmonious gaming experience.

25. Player Journal: Empowering Character Development

Empower your players with the Player Journal. Encourage them to document their character’s journey, thoughts, and personal growth, fostering a deeper connection to their in-game personas.

Cost Considerations:

As you explore these invaluable tools, it’s essential to consider the associated costs. While some tools are freely available, others may require a one-time purchase or a subscription. Evaluate your preferences and budget to curate a toolkit that aligns with your gaming style.

Maximizing Your D&D Experience: A Toolbox for Every Adventurer

In the dynamic world of Dungeons & Dragons, where storytelling meets strategy, the right tools can turn a good campaign into an extraordinary one. As you assemble your arsenal of D&D 5e tools, remember that versatility is the key to a well-rounded gaming experience.

Utilize these tools not as mere aids but as catalysts for creativity and innovation. Whether you’re a Dungeon Master sculpting worlds or a player crafting a legendary saga, let these tools amplify your storytelling prowess.

Final Thoughts: Embrace the Magic, Unleash the Adventure

As we conclude this journey through the realm of D&D 5e tools, remember that the true magic lies in the collaborative spirit of the game. Whether you’re facing dragons, solving puzzles, or forging alliances, the essence of Dungeons & Dragons is the shared experience.

Equip yourself with these tools, embark on epic quests, and weave tales that resonate through the annals of gaming history. Dungeons & Dragons is not just a game; it’s a canvas for your imagination, and these tools are your brushes, paints, and canvases. Embrace the magic, unleash the adventure, and may your D&D endeavors be as boundless as the imagination that fuels them.


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