(Solved) Galaxy Watch Active 2 keeps disconnecting from phone

Imagine the frustration of investing in a premium watch like the Galaxy Watch Active 2, only to deal with the recurring issue of it disconnecting from your phone. You’ve likely attempted the common fixes such as restarting both your device and the watch before seeking a solution online. Now that you’ve arrived here, what steps can you take?

Here, we’ve compiled a set of solutions to assist you in resolving the problem of your Galaxy Watch Active 3 frequently disconnecting from your phone.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 keeps disconnecting from phone

Below we have enlisted 5 ways you can troubleshoot Galaxy Watch Active 2 keeps disconnecting from phone:

●    Clear Cache from the phone

If your Galaxy Watch Active 2 experiences frequent disconnections from your phone (even if it’s an exaggeration to say every 30 seconds), a simple troubleshooting step is to clear the cache from the Galaxy Wearable app.

Additionally, consider clearing the cache from both the Galaxy Plug-in and Samsung Accessory Service on your device. These applications and services play a crucial role in the functioning and connection between your device and the watch. Clearing the cache for these apps is likely to resolve the issue.

●    Reset the watch

We understand that it might be quite challenging, but if all else fails, you may need to reset your watch. To reset your Galaxy Watch Active 2, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Galaxy Watch Active 2.
  2. Navigate to General and then tap on Reset from the available options.
  3. The watch will undergo a reset. Afterward, attempt to reconnect your phone and the watch.

●    Turn off Battery Optimization for Galaxy Wearable App

Battery Optimization has the potential to impede various functionalities linked to the Galaxy Wearable app. It’s crucial to deactivate Battery Optimization for Galaxy Wearable in your phone’s Settings. After disabling it, attempt to reconnect your phone and watch to check if the issue has been resolved.

●    Update the firmware of your watch

If your watch operates on outdated firmware, it may lead to malfunctions and result in the issue you are currently experiencing.

Verify if there is an available update for your watch. If an update is accessible, proceed to update the firmware using the Galaxy Wearable app. After updating, reconnect your watch to your phone. This step, executed through the Galaxy Wearable app, should ideally resolve the persistent problem of your watch disconnecting from your phone.

●    Send the watch for repair

There is a possibility that the watch has underlying issues requiring professional attention. Certain problems may only be resolved by an authorized service center or a skilled professional. It is advisable to entrust the watch to an authorized service center for repairs rather than attempting to address the problem independently.

If your watch is still within the warranty period, you may explore the option of a replacement. However, it’s essential to note that disassembling the watch to address the issue independently will void the warranty.

Troubleshooting Galaxy Watch not connecting to the Phone

Normally, your Samsung Galaxy Watch should establish a connection with your Android phone or iPhone seamlessly. However, if it becomes stuck on the pairing screen or encounters difficulties in connecting, here we outline different methods to address the problem of a Samsung Galaxy Watch not connecting to an Android phone or iPhone.

●    Connect Galaxy Watch to Android or iPhone Properly

Initiating the connection between your watch and phone serves as the initial step in resolving this issue. For those with a new watch, open the Galaxy app on your Android or iOS device.

Upon launching the app, your watch model will be visible on the screen, accompanied by on-screen instructions. Your mobile device might prompt you to enable Bluetooth. Grant permission, and wait for the watch to establish a connection with your phone.

If you’ve already configured the watch but encounter connection issues or find yourself stuck on the pairing screen, explore the methods listed below.

●    Restart Phone and Watch

To address the issue, start by restarting both your phone and your Galaxy Watch. For the watch, initiate a restart by pressing and holding the Home button. Choose “Power off” from the displayed menu, and once turned off, press and hold the same button until the logo appears on the screen to power the watch back on.

●    Clear Cache for Galaxy Wearable App (Android Only)

To address the problem of the watch not connecting to an Android phone, attempt clearing the Galaxy Wearable cache. Navigate to “Settings > Apps > Galaxy Wearable app > Storage.” After pressing the “Clear cache” button, restart your phone.

●    Enable Bluetooth

Ensure that Bluetooth is activated on both your phone and watch to avoid connectivity issues. If Bluetooth is turned off on either device, you may encounter connection troubles. Follow these steps to enable Bluetooth:

On Android:

  • Navigate to “Settings > Connections > Bluetooth” and toggle the switch on. Alternatively, enable it from the Quick settings menu.

On iPhone:

  • Go to “Settings > Bluetooth” and toggle the switch on. Alternatively, enable it in the Control Center.

On your watch:

  • Go to “Settings > Connections > Bluetooth.” Confirm that the Bluetooth toggle is turned on.

Once Bluetooth is activated on both devices, ensure that the phone and watch are within the Bluetooth connecting range (32 feet).

●    Update Phone and Watch

To ensure proper functionality, it is essential to update both your phone and watch software, along with the app, to the latest version. Here’s how to install the operating system updates:

On Android:

  • Go to “Settings > Software update > Download” and install. Alternatively, navigate to “Settings > About > Software update.”

On iPhone:

  • Navigate to “Settings > General > Software update.”

For your Galaxy Watch using the Galaxy Wearable app:

  • Open the Galaxy Wearable app on the connected phone.
  • Scroll down within the app and tap “Watch Software Update > Download” to download and install the update.

●    Re-pair Watch

“Disassociating the watch from Bluetooth may help resolve the issue. On Android, go to “Settings > Connections > Bluetooth.” Tap the Settings icon next to the Galaxy Watch, choose Unpair, and then re-establish the connection with the Wearable app.

On your iPhone, navigate to “Settings > Bluetooth.” Tap the ‘i’ icon next to Galaxy Watch, select Forget this device, and then reconnect both devices.”


●    Disconnect Phone and Watch

“Restarting the connection between your phone and Galaxy Watch can help resolve the issue of the two devices not connecting. To do so, you need to disconnect and reconnect the devices.

Launch the Galaxy Wearable app and activate the three-bar icon. Choose Disconnect from the drop-down menu. If it already says Connect, the watch is already disconnected. Reconnect by pressing the Connect button.

If the phone and watch were separated, restart both devices. Open the Galaxy Wearable app again and tap the Connect button on the home screen to establish the connection.”

●    Reinstall the app and any plugins that were previously installed

Reinstalling the Galaxy Wearable app and any plugins you’ve downloaded should work as well. First, make sure they’re all uninstalled.

●    Reset Watch

To do so, launch the Settings app on your Galaxy Watch and navigate to “General > Reset.” Connect the phone and watch as indicated in Method 1 after it has been reset.

●    Ensure that the battery is fully charged

Insufficient battery levels on your phone or watch might be hindering the synchronization between the two devices. Samsung suggests maintaining a minimum battery life of 25% for both the phone and the smartwatch. Additionally, confirm that neither your phone nor your watch is in low battery or power-saving mode.

●    Update Galaxy Wearable App

Compatibility issues often stem from using an outdated version of the Galaxy Wearable app. To address this, visit the App Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android to obtain the latest version (for iPhone). Search for the Wearables app on the Galaxy S8 or S8+. If an update is accessible, install it. After restarting, attempt reconnecting the phone and monitor the situation

●    Check Phone’s System Language

Certain Galaxy Watch users suggest maintaining English as the default language on the phone during the initial pairing with the watch. To adjust the language on your Android phone, go to “Settings > General Management (System) > Language” and choose English. On your iPhone, navigate to “Settings > General > Language & Region > iPhone language” and select English.


●    Connect to a New Phone

If your Galaxy Watch was previously paired with another phone, the usual method of connecting it to a new phone will not be effective. Instead, you need to utilize your watch’s “Connect to a new phone” option.

Navigate to Settings on your Galaxy Watch. Scroll to the bottom and select “Connect to a new phone.” This action will initiate a reset for your watch. Afterward, proceed to connect the phone and watch as outlined in Method 1.


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