(Solved) Galaxy Watch Active 2 keeps disconnecting from phone

Isn’t it disheartening to invest in an expensive timepiece like the Galaxy Watch Active 2 only to face the frustration of frequent disconnections from your phone?

Certainly, you’ve likely attempted the common troubleshooting steps, such as restarting both your device and the watch, before seeking a solution online. Now that you’re here, what’s the next step?

Here, we’ve compiled several solutions to assist you in resolving the issue of your Galaxy Watch Active 3 frequently disconnecting from your phone.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 keeps disconnecting from phone

Encountering issues with your Galaxy Watch Active 2 frequently disconnecting from your phone can be frustrating. Here are five troubleshooting methods to address this problem:

  1. Clear Cache from the Phone: If your Galaxy Watch Active 2 experiences persistent disconnections, a straightforward troubleshooting step is to clear the cache from the Galaxy Wearable app. Additionally, clearing the cache from Galaxy Plug-in and Samsung Accessory Service on your device, which facilitate device functioning and connection, may resolve the issue.
  2. Reset the Watch: If other methods prove ineffective, a more drastic but potentially necessary step is to reset your Galaxy Watch Active 2. Follow these steps:
    • Go to the Settings app on your Galaxy Watch Active 2.
    • Navigate to General and tap on Reset from the available options.
    • After the reset, attempt to reconnect the phone and the watch.
  3. Turn off Battery Optimization for Galaxy Wearable App: Battery Optimization settings may interfere with the proper functioning of the Galaxy Wearable app. Disable Battery Optimization specifically for Galaxy Wearable from your phone’s Settings. After disabling, attempt to reconnect the phone and the watch to check if the issue persists.
  4. Update the Firmware: Outdated firmware on your watch can lead to malfunctions and disconnection issues. Check for available updates for your watch’s firmware using the Galaxy Wearable app. If an update is available, install it and then reconnect the watch to your phone. This should ideally resolve the constant disconnection problem.
  5. Send the Watch for Repair: If the issue persists, there may be underlying problems with the watch that require professional attention. Consider sending the watch to an authorized service center for repair. Attempting to fix the problem independently may void the warranty, especially if the watch is still covered.

Note: If your watch is under warranty, you may also explore the option of getting a replacement. Keep in mind that attempting to disassemble the watch yourself may void the warranty.

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Troubleshooting Galaxy Watch not connecting to the Phone

Your Samsung Galaxy Watch should seamlessly connect to your Android phone or iPhone, but if you encounter pairing problems or constant disconnections, consider the following solutions:

  1. Connect Galaxy Watch Properly:
    • Open the Galaxy app on your phone and follow on-screen instructions for new watch setup.
    • Enable Bluetooth on your phone if prompted and wait for the watch to connect.
  2. Restart Phone and Watch:
    • Reboot both your phone and Galaxy Watch to resolve potential glitches.
  3. Clear Cache for Galaxy Wearable App (Android Only):
    • On Android, clear cache for Galaxy Wearable in “Settings > Apps > Galaxy Wearable app > Storage.”
    • Restart your phone after clearing the cache.
  4. Enable Bluetooth:
    • Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on both phone and watch.
    • On Android, go to “Settings > Connections > Bluetooth.”
    • On iPhone, access “Settings > Bluetooth.”
    • On your watch, go to “Settings > Connections > Bluetooth.”
  5. Update Phone and Watch:
    • Keep both your phone and watch software updated.
  6. Re-pair Watch:
    • On Android, unpair in “Settings > Connections > Bluetooth” and re-pair with the Wearable app.
    • On iPhone, forget the device in “Settings > Bluetooth” and reconnect.
  7. Disconnect Phone and Watch:
    • Use the Galaxy Wearable app to disconnect, restart devices, and reconnect.
  8. Reinstall App and Plugins:
    • Uninstall Galaxy Wearable app and plugins, then reinstall.
  9. Reset Watch:
    • In the watch Settings, go to “General > Reset” and reconnect.
  10. Ensure Fully Charged Batteries:
    • Maintain at least 25% battery on both phone and watch.
  11. Update Galaxy Wearable App:
    • Ensure the latest version from App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  12. Check Phone’s System Language:
    • Set the phone’s default language to English during initial pairing.
  13. Connect to a New Phone:
    • Use “Connect to a new phone” option in watch Settings if switching phones.

By following these steps, you can troubleshoot and resolve connectivity issues between your Samsung Galaxy Watch and your Android phone or iPhone.

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