What does error code 32773 mean? And How to fix it?

The occurrence of error code 32773 is a common issue experienced by Verizon SIM users. When encountering this error, sending texts or making calls becomes impossible. But what does this error signify? As per insights from the Verizon community, error code 32773 indicates an issue with the carrier or service of the person you’re attempting to contact, rather than a problem with Verizon itself.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to consider that the problem might also lie on your end. While the exact cause of this error is not explicitly identified by the company, you can explore the suggested solutions below in an attempt to rectify the issue.

How to Fix Error Code 32773?

If you’ve been encountering error code issues on your Android device, you can swiftly address the problem by following the proven procedures outlined in the following paragraphs. Let’s delve into the troubleshooting guide:

#1. Verify Router Connection

If you see error code 32773 on your screen, it may stem from an unreliable internet connection. Therefore, it’s advisable to check your connection. If anything is amiss, fix it before attempting the operation again.

#2. Update the App

Using an outdated version of the program could be the culprit. Check for updates on this page and install the latest version of the app on your smartphone to ensure proper functionality. An updated version typically resolves this issue.

#3. Update Operating System

An outdated mobile operating system could be another explanation. If your mobile device’s operating system is not up-to-date, we strongly recommend upgrading it. This quick process significantly enhances both your privacy and safety.

#4. Check for Proxy Issues

Error code 32773 might be caused by an active VPN network, even if you’re not aware of it. Deactivate any active VPN and then assess the application’s functionality.

#5. Test on Another Smartphone

If none of the above solutions work, try installing the app on a different smartphone that is compatible with it. If it works on another device, it indicates an issue with your smartphone. Consider trading it in when the next sale comes around.

#6. Contact Support

If all else fails, the final option is to seek help for Error Code 32773 by contacting the carrier service or visiting a convenient store. The support team will evaluate your situation and provide assistance.

T-Mobile Message Not Sent [FIXED]

If you encounter the message “T-Mobile Message Not Sent” on your device, try the following solutions:

  1. Reset Your Mobile Device: Performing a reset not only addresses the issue but also allows your device to rest and operate in a refreshed state. Shut down your phone, wait a minute or two, and then power it back on. After the reset, you should notice improved system performance.
  2. Ensure Proper Network Connection: Some T-Mobile phones may unknowingly connect to other networks, leading to message delivery issues. Disconnect from any Wi-Fi network and ensure your device is linked to the T-Mobile network for reliable message delivery.
  3. Check for Blocked Recipients: If your attempts to send messages fail, check if the recipient’s number is blocked. Review your list of blocked numbers to ensure the intended recipient is not included.
  4. Verify T-Mobile Network Status: T-Mobile’s network may experience brief outages due to maintenance or updates. Check the signal strength indicator on your device; if it’s limited, certain functions, including messaging, may be affected. Contact T-Mobile or check their website for network status information.
  5. Manage Mobile Storage: Excessive app downloads and online activity can consume device storage, impacting messaging functions. Use the built-in cleaning app to clear unnecessary data and temporary files. Regularly clear the cache to ensure optimal performance.
  6. Check Credit Balance: Confirm that your account has sufficient credit, as messaging, especially with multimedia content, may consume credit. Ensure your credit balance is adequate for sending messages.
  7. Firmware Update: Keep your device’s firmware up-to-date to address potential issues. Enable notifications for firmware updates or manually check for updates in your device settings. After updating, reset your device to apply the changes.
  8. Review Blocked Numbers: Confirm if the person you’re unable to text has blocked your number. Check for a Block icon next to the contact’s name or number. Unblock if necessary to resume messaging.
  9. Clear Message App’s Cache and Data: Refresh and resolve bugs in the Messages app by clearing the cache. Navigate to Settings > Apps > Messages, tap on Storage, and clear the cache. You can also clear the app’s data for a comprehensive refresh.
  10. Reset SMS Settings to Default: Changing SIM cards may alter SMS settings. Restore default SMS settings by accessing the Messages app settings, turning off your phone, and then attempting to send a text message.
  11. Check SMSC: Ensure the correct Message Center Number (SMSC) is set. Access the Messages app settings, tap on More Options, select Text Messaging, and verify the carrier’s message center number. Contact your service provider if issues persist.

If problems persist after trying these solutions, reach out to your service provider for further assistance.

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Understanding the Essence of Error Code 32773

What Does Error Code 32773 Mean?

Error Code 32773 is a digital semaphore, a signal that something in the virtual cosmos has gone awry. In layman’s terms, it indicates a snag in communication between your system and the external servers, leaving you in a virtual limbo. The numerical sequence 32773 is more than just digits; it’s a message from the digital ether, a cry for attention that demands decoding.

Deciphering the Code

Causes of Error Code 32773

To triumph over a challenge, one must first understand its origins. Error Code 32773 can stem from a plethora of issues. It might be a hiccup in your network connection, a glitch in the application’s code, or even a misalignment in the stars of the digital universe. Identifying the root cause is paramount to crafting an effective solution.

Common Scenarios Triggering Error Code 32773

  1. Network Glitches: Your internet connection might be playing hide-and-seek, causing the error to manifest.
  2. Application Quirks: Bugs in the application’s code can create a ripple effect, leading to the emergence of Error Code 32773.
  3. Firewall Conundrums: Security measures, while essential, can sometimes overreach, blocking essential communication and triggering the error.

Navigating the Maze: How to Fix Error Code 32773

Method 1: Network Troubleshooting

Begin your journey by ensuring your internet connection is steadfast. Check the cables, restart your router, and bask in the glow of a stable connection. This simple act can often be the key to banishing Error Code 32773 from your digital realm.

Method 2: Application Resurgence

Dive into the heart of the application experiencing the error. Update its code, eliminate bugs, and breathe new life into its virtual existence. Sometimes, a simple software refresh can work wonders in obliterating Error Code 32773.

Method 3: Firewall Harmony

Unleash the potential of your digital guardians – your firewall settings. Tweak them to strike a balance between security and accessibility. Often, a misconfigured firewall can be the elusive culprit behind Error Code 32773.


In the ever-evolving symphony of ones and zeros, encountering a stumbling block like Error Code 32773 is inevitable. However, armed with knowledge and guided by effective solutions, you can transform this digital hiccup into a mere footnote in your online journey.

Remember, the digital universe is vast, but so is our arsenal of solutions. Let Error Code 32773 be a mere blip in your rearview mirror as you cruise through the virtual highway, unburdened and unhindered.

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