DU Speed Booster App Review

At first glance, I’ve noticed a fascinating irony related to phone cleaning software – instead of delivering the promised tidiness, they frequently introduce more chaos. Numerous Android versions of widely-used cleaning freeware often lead to additional freeware installations or, in some cases, stealthily include malware during the download process.

Furthermore, these applications often disappoint in delivering accurate assessments of your system’s performance. Consequently, locating an efficient cleaner within freeware choices can prove to be a challenging task. Nevertheless, I’ve recently come across a notable exception in ‘DU Speed Booster,’ crafted by DUAPPS.

“Following that, I installed this free application on my Android device and thoroughly examined its offered features, all of which proved to be efficient. Today, I’m here to present an in-depth review of this product, delving into each of its functions. These functionalities include acceleration, trash cleaning, app management, game boosting, security, and battery optimization.”

Let’s check out all of them one by one:


“My phone, only a month old, seemed sleek, but as a non-avid gamer, I never suspected it might carry unnecessary clutter. Curious, I decided to test the accelerator feature. Surprisingly, it claimed to free up around 101 megabytes of memory, sparking my interest in what had occupied that much space. Additionally, the cleaner reported a 26% performance boost. Initially skeptical, I decided to verify, and indeed, my phone’s speed noticeably improved.

The Trash Cleaner feature gave me a moment of pause. It eliminated a substantial 230.2 megabytes of junk files, including one of my favorite games, SnooperT, which, unbeknownst to me, was bundled with malware. This experience made me reconsider installing potentially risky apps to save money. Many people use pirated or cracked software, but the cleaner, despite my initial reservations, did an excellent job. It efficiently removed duplicate apps, enhancing my phone’s interface for a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.”

App Manager:

This function includes four sub-functions: Uninstall System, Pre-install, APK Manager, and Move App2SD. Uninstall and System Pre-install mirror their counterparts in your computer’s control panel, ensuring ease of use. APK Manager and Move App2SD are noteworthy additions. The App2SD feature facilitates the transfer of apps from your phone’s internal memory to your microSD card. All these functions prove efficient and user-friendly.

Game Booster:

This feature acts as a performance enhancer for games on my phone. While it suggested boosting the speed of other games after removing SnooperT, its impact on games like Angry Birds was somewhat subtle. DU software efficiently handles pirated games, and genuine ones often require minimal improvement. Consequently, this function may not be essential for everyone, but some users might find it useful.


The Security feature is divided into three sub-functions: Anti-virus, Permission Manager, and Call & SMS Blocker. The anti-virus, considering it’s a free service, performs decently. The permission manager proves effective, and the call & SMS blocker adeptly handles its designated tasks. Overall, this feature offers reasonable functionality.

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Battery Saver:

Surprisingly, the battery saver was not included in the package and directed me to the Play Store to install another related app. I refrained from downloading and testing it due to privacy concerns, so users are advised to exercise discretion when considering its download.

Final Verdict:

DU Speed Booster stands out as a valuable app enhancing your phone’s performance, delivering a smoother user experience. What makes it even better is its complete freeness. For those seeking to avoid spending money on apps, this presents an excellent choice. Give it a try and download the DU Speed Booster app

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