How do I apply for AT&T service?

AT&T Wireless stands as a prominent mobile phone service provider in the United States, renowned for its seamless setup process and praised for delivering high-speed and reliable internet connections.

Stream Saver is a feature that allows users to stream high-definition videos at a reduced resolution, enabling data savings on their mobile phones.

As a subsidiary of AT&T, Inc., AT&T Mobile LLC, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, powers AT&T Wireless, serving over 155 million subscribers. The service extends its coverage to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

This article will comprehensively cover the process of applying for an AT&T service and provide additional details.

How do I apply for AT&T service?

To apply for AT&T service, you have two options: visit your local AT&T store or place an order online through the website

Navigate to and choose “Store Locations & Appointments” from the upper right-hand menu to find the most convenient store location for you. Enter your zip code on that page to discover the nearest store’s address, operating hours, and contact number.

Please note that AT&T retail stores are unable to process applications or orders for Access from AT&T. The fastest way to initiate the process is by applying online and uploading your supporting documents. Alternatively, you can fill in your name and address, print the form, and mail it to them.

Once you’ve submitted your AT&T service application, they will assess your eligibility based on credit at that time.

What Do You Need To Apply For AT&T Access Service?

Listed below are the documents you’ll need to submit.

Supplemental Nutritional Access Program (SNAP)

The SNAP card featuring the participant’s printed name. Social Security Number (SSN) and a government-issued photo ID (both sides of the card). A confirmation letter from a SNAP office verifying your eligibility for the food stamp program. Exclusive to California residents. Documentation of SSI eligibility, such as an award letter or benefit verification letter, issued by the Social Security Administration.



Submit W-2 forms from your present employers or SSA-1099 forms, accompanied by copies of your most recent paychecks. Additionally, include a statement detailing Social Security, Unemployment, or Workers’ Compensation benefits.

National School Lunch Program

Verification that your child is enrolled in school, along with a copy of the award letter.

What Is AT&T Access Plan?

Access from AT&T is a cost-effective initiative providing home internet access in the 21 states where AT&T offers wireline home internet services to low-income households.

Eligibility criteria encompass participation in the Affordable Connectivity Program, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for California residents only, the National School Lunch Program, or a household income below 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines.

Access from AT&T is accessible to qualifying low-income households in the 21 states where AT&T operates. Every household meeting the ACP requirements and enrolling with AT&T automatically qualifies for Access from AT&T.

AT&T is reducing the cost of home internet service for eligible households to zero dollars per month. This no-cost option is made possible through a combination of their low-cost Access from AT&T program and federal benefits from the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

How Does AT&T make free internet possible?

In the initial Access from AT&T plan, individuals could obtain up to 10 Mbps symmetrical speeds for $30 per month. However, the revised plan now offers up to 100 Mbps for the same price. Furthermore, the new $30 Access from AT&T plans come with no data cap.

For those who prefer the original Access from AT&T plans and have access to speeds of 10 Mbps or less, the recent changes will not impact them. With the $5 to $10 per month plans, users will still enjoy high-speed internet.

The Access from AT&T program is open to all qualifying households that enroll in AT&T Internet for ACP, including the latest speed tier. ACP-eligible households can avail themselves of free internet service by utilizing the monthly benefit of up to $30 (or up to $75 for those residing on qualified tribal land).

How do I take advantage of free internet?

To begin, confirm your eligibility for the ACP benefit by completing a National Verifier application at Contact AT&T at (855) 220-5121 to verify your ACP status, and they will enroll you in a plan that incorporates the benefit.

Various AT&T Internet plans are eligible for the ACP benefit, including the AT&T Internet Access plan. Explore the available options in your area to determine which AT&T internet plans are accessible to you.

Using ACP benefits on plans other than Access from AT&T

The ACP benefit is applicable to the majority of AT&T Internet plans presently available. Consequently, eligible customers can enjoy savings of up to $30 per month on most plans (up to $75 per month for Tribal lands). With speeds reaching up to 5 Gigabits in over 70 metro areas, AT&T Fiber is currently the fastest option nationwide.

Moreover, customers can also utilize the ACP benefit for their AT&T PREPAID and Cricket Wireless plans. It’s important to note that the benefit is limited to one person per household at any given time.

How Does AT&T Wireless Work?

Access all the internet has to offer with AT&T Wireless—backed by a reliable network offering extensive coverage and exceptional mobility. Another advantage of having an AT&T wireless subscription is the access to thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide.

While network performance may vary in different locations, AT&T as a whole is known for being exceptionally fast and reliable.

What Are the Perks?

In addition to providing fast and reliable cellular service, AT&T Wireless presents AT&T Thanks, an energetic loyalty program. AT&T Thanks, available as a mobile app, grants you access to pre-sale tickets for top events and concerts, along with various other perks.

For a limited period, AT&T customers can capitalize on exclusive offers, including complimentary data, discounts on accessories, and other special deals.

AT&T Wireless Devices

Explore a range of mobile devices with AT&T Next, some of which are complimentary, while others involve payment over the contract duration. Opting for an AT&T Wireless plan online unveils some of the most attractive deals.

Through AT&T Next, you can spread the cost of a new phone across 30 months. To qualify for an early upgrade, you must have covered at least 80% of the purchase price.

AT&T Wireless features a list of the latest phone deals for your consideration. Depending on device availability, you may have the option to make an online purchase and retrieve your device from an AT&T store within two hours.

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