Stuck with a Non-functional Mac App Store? 9 Fixes You Need

Searching for a particular application to download on your Mac?

Where should you turn? Naturally, the Mac App Store!

The Mac App Store serves as your portal to a realm of games, applications, and updates. But what if it starts acting up? Don’t worry if you come across an unresponsive or frozen Mac App Store. This guide delves into potential reasons for this issue and provides solutions to restore its functionality.

Why is the Mac App Store not Functioning?

Understanding the cause of misbehavior is crucial for resolving underlying issues and restoring functionality. Therefore, let’s explore common reasons that might lead the Mac App Store to disobey your commands.

  1. Account disablement: Your account could be disabled in the App Store, preventing access to desired applications and games. This may occur due to system glitches or repeated incorrect password entries.
  2. Connectivity issues: Lack of internet or poor connectivity can impede the App Store’s functionality.
  3. Outdated software: Incompatibility issues may arise if either the App Store or the macOS version is not up to date.
  4. Accumulated cookies and cache: Over time, the accumulation of cookies and cache may lead to conflicts within the App Store.

What are the Possible Fixes?

Verify the App Store’s server status

Prior to engaging in intricate troubleshooting procedures, it is crucial to confirm the operational status of the servers. Apple occasionally conducts maintenance to address bugs, leading to temporary outages. Check the Apple System Status page to ensure the smooth functioning of the App Store’s service. A green dot beside the server status indicates operational servers, prompting further exploration of the fixes mentioned below.

Activate the App Store if disabled

A disabled App Store can result in malfunctions. Verify its status by navigating to the System Preferences app > selecting Apple ID > confirming the App Store option is checked. Enabling the App Store restores its functionality.

Reboot your computer

A simple restart can be remarkably effective. Close all applications, restart your computer, and then reopen the App Store.

Confirm Internet connectivity

Poor network connectivity can impede the App Store’s performance. Ensure a stable internet connection, considering a switch to a wired connection if using Wi-Fi. A stable signal is essential for proper App Store access.

Update your software Outdated App Store and macOS software may lead to compatibility issues. Ensure both are up to date by navigating to System Preferences > selecting Software Update > installing available updates.

Clear cache and cookies

Accumulated cookies and cache can cause conflicts. Clear them by clicking Finder, pressing Command + Shift + G to open Go to Folder, entering ~/Library/Caches/, and removing the contents. Reboot your computer and check for App Store functionality.


Resolving configuration problems may involve resetting PRAM/NVRAM. Shut down your computer, then turn it on while holding the Command + Option + P + R keys until you hear the startup sound twice. Once reset, check if the App Store functions properly.

Create a new admin account If the issue is user-specific, create a new admin account in System Preferences > Users & Groups.

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Reinstall macOS

Should the problem persist, reinstalling macOS becomes a last resort. Before doing so, back up essential data, restart your computer, and hold the Command + R keys to enter Recovery Mode. Choose Reinstall macOS and follow on-screen prompts.

The Bottom Line

Encountering a non-functional Mac App Store can be quite frustrating. By applying the nine troubleshooting tips outlined above, you’ll likely find a solution. Whether it’s a straightforward check on the Apple Status page or a more thorough cleanup of cache and cookies, these tips address various issues that may be causing the App Store to misbehave. If all else fails, the final resort is to reinstall macOS.

Upon successfully restoring the functionality of the App Store, you can once again explore a diverse range of applications and games, enhancing your overall Mac experience.

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