Tumblr Blog Only Opens in Dashboard. What to Do? {Fix}

Tumblr, a social networking site that emerged in 2007, has garnered a devoted following among teenagers and pre-teens, making them avid enthusiasts. It has especially found popularity within the ‘fandom culture,’ catering to fans of Hogwarts, Middle Earth, anime, games, and academic pursuits, creating a diverse community that even hosts well-known factions like the ‘science side of Tumblr.’

This platform serves as a communication hub, allowing users to express their ideas through blogs and interact with the content shared by others. For budding bloggers seeking to establish a digital presence, Tumblr provides a user-friendly experience that doesn’t necessitate extensive technical expertise, expanding the reach and impact of their blogs. Additionally, being a free publishing platform adds to its appeal for content creators.

However, if you’re a Tumblr blogger or a frequent visitor, you may encounter occasional issues. One common problem arises when a Tumblr blog only opens in the dashboard or redirects to the dashboard. But fear not, as we are here to guide you in resolving this matter.

Tumblr Blog Redirects to Dashboard

To begin, let’s clarify the term “Tumblr dashboard.” The dashboard is akin to a news feed on Tumblr, a concept familiar to users of other social networking sites. It serves as the central space where you encounter posts from accounts you follow regularly, along with content from related blogs that might catch your interest.

When you log in to Tumblr, the dashboard is the initial interface you encounter. It provides the platform to create new posts, peruse content from other users, and engage with the Tumblr community. The issue at hand arises when, on occasion, attempting to open a Tumblr blog results in a redirection to the dashboard.

Now, let’s explore why this redirection occurs. The phenomenon arises when you’ve chosen to hide your blog on Tumblr. When your blog is hidden, any effort to open it will automatically redirect to the dashboard. Essentially, a hidden blog remains visible solely within the confines of the Tumblr dashboard, lacking a dedicated URL that would allow it to open in a separate tab.

To resolve this matter, review the visibility settings on your profile. If the toggle button next to “hide your blog” is activated, your blog is concealed from others, causing any attempts to open it to be redirected to the dashboard.

How to Fix the Redirecting of Tumblr Blog to the Dashboard?

While the idea of accessing blogs through the dashboard might not initially appear problematic, it can impede your overall Tumblr experience. The good news is that being confined to viewing blogs only through the dashboard is not a permanent issue.

There are ways to address this problem, though it’s important to note that there might be situations where an immediate solution is not available. Here’s a workaround:

  1. Within the Tumblr dashboard, access your settings by clicking on the account icon.
  2. Select the specific blog you want to open.
  3. If the visibility of your account has been changed, possibly because you’ve hidden your blog from others, you’ll need to unhide it to resolve the issue. To do this, go to the visibility settings of your blog and turn off the toggle button next to the option that allows you to hide your blog. Once you’ve completed this step, you should be all set.

Tumblr Blogs Only Opening in Sidebar

When navigating the Tumblr dashboard and selecting a username, you’ll observe that the blog opens in a sidebar on your screen, deviating from the conventional way blogs load on most other websites. While this sidebar display is practical for swift checks when you only wish to view a few posts on a blog, we acknowledge your frustration. The compact sidebar, coupled with an unresponsive dashboard, can constrain your ability to indulge in leisurely browsing on your preferred blogs.

Unfortunately, this design choice is mandated by Tumblr itself, and there’s no toggle switch provided to alter this behavior.

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How to Fix the Issue of Tumblr Blogs Only Opening in Sidebar?

Addressing the sidebar problem can be quite frustrating, but fortunately, there are various methods to resolve this issue. Below, we’ll outline ways you can tackle this problem.

Opening in Respective Tabs

If you’re encountering this issue, the initial solution is to open Tumblr blogs in separate tabs. You can achieve this by manually entering the URLs into new tabs. However, there’s an even simpler way. Directly from the dashboard, right-click on the Tumblr username of the blog’s author or their Tumblr avatar. A context menu will appear, allowing you to select “Open link in a new tab” to open the blog in a new tab. Keep in mind that the new tab opens in the background, requiring you to switch to the respective tabs as needed.

Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts

For laptop users averse to right-clicking, shortcuts can be a blessing. If you have a mouse, simply clicking the middle mouse button on the scrollbar will instantly open the blog in a new tab. This method is not only quick but also eliminates the need for menus.

Using Chrome Extensions

Chrome users are in luck, as extensions can simplify the process. Useful extensions for this purpose include “Click to Tab” and “Long Press New Tab.” These extensions eliminate the need for menus and shortcuts. Note that these extensions may attempt to open all links in new tabs, but you can configure them to specifically work for your Tumblr sessions. To activate or deactivate these extensions, open Chrome, click the three-dot menu, go to “More Tools,” and then select “Extensions.”

In conclusion

The frustration of being unable to open blogs in separate tabs, especially for avid bloggers, can impede the comfortable navigation of favorite blogs. However, the methods outlined in this article offer solutions to overcome this issue. Now you can enjoy exploring your blogs, and if you’re a blogger yourself, take comfort in knowing that your audience can effortlessly browse your content. Your hard work will not be in vain.

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