What is YGPS- Why does it have every permission? ( Updated )

YGPS is an Android application that monitors phone activities, including calls, SMS, SIM, etc., through GPS monitoring. Primarily a GPS app, it allows users to view the GPS satellites their phone is connected to at any given moment. This app is equipped with an extensive list of permissions and consistently initiates GPS calls in the background.

Is it a system app?

Indeed, YGPS operates as a system app within your device’s phone or SMS processes. Alternatively, it may run within the GPS or SIM processes on your device. YGPS is frequently discovered integrated as a system app in Fairphones and specific models of LG smartphones.

Is it safe?

Certainly, it is safe to retain YGPS on your device. Being a system app, there’s generally no need to concern yourself with its safety. While the extensive list of permissions may give the appearance of suspicion, there’s no need for undue stress; the app is secure.

Can you disable YGPS?

Certainly, you have the option to disable YGPS. However, the primary concern is whether disabling YGPS would affect the functionalities of your phone. The reassuring answer is yes; you can safely disable YGPS on your device without encountering any issues. YGPS primarily monitors other applications and processes that utilize GPS, so disabling it poses no risk to the proper functioning of your phone.

Why does YGPS have every permission?

While there isn’t a definitive answer to the question, two possible inferences can be drawn:

  1. As YGPS is a system app, it holds numerous permissions, including access to Phone, SIM, SMS, GPS, etc. These permissions may be crucial for the app’s proper functionality as a system app.
  2. YGPS has an extensive list of permissions, possibly as a precaution by the developers to prevent any issues arising from permission inaccessibility later on. This abundance of permissions may be a result of meticulous development or, conversely, indicative of potential shortcomings in the development process.

Why and how does YGPS drain your phone’s battery?

YGPS consistently initiates GPS calls in the background of your device, significantly impacting your phone’s battery life. If YGPS is active, you’ll likely observe a faster-than-normal drain on your battery. The continuous monitoring of phone activities, SMS, etc., compounded by extensive permissions, contributes to this depletion.

To understand how YGPS accelerates battery consumption, it’s crucial to grasp how GPS, in general, affects smartphone battery health. The GPS receiver in your smartphone, consisting of a chip and antennae, continually listens to cell towers, providing an approximate location when cellular data or Wi-Fi is unavailable. Enabling location services prompts your phone to search for satellites in the GPS constellation, receiving signals to triangulate your exact location.

With GPS enabled, your phone remains active, constantly seeking signals from satellites. In areas with poor signals, such as underground or in signal-blocking environments, the phone enters random search mode, preventing it from entering sleep mode. Battery drain intensifies in weak signal areas or during rapid travel, like in a fast-moving train or car, where the signal weakens due to factors like metal roofs and the multitude of satellites the GPS receiver scans through.

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How to Save Your Device’s Battery With YGPS Still on Your phone?

While degradation is inevitable over time, there are effective ways to optimize certain phone settings and preserve battery life. If you wish to maintain YGPS functionality on your phone while minimizing battery depletion, here are a few things you can try:

Utilize a Static Background and a Dark Theme instead

AMOLED and OLED displays offer users the ability to prolong their device’s battery life. Dark mode and dark wallpapers, achieved by turning pixels off, have a significant impact, resulting in energy savings.

In contrast, LCD screens have a distinctive design where each pixel is not individually illuminated. As a backlight illuminates their pixels, dark mode and wallpapers do not contribute to increased battery life on LCD screens.

It’s worth noting that wallpapers with special effects tend to consume more battery power on any device. If you want to ensure your battery depletes at a normal pace, static wallpapers are the preferable choice.

Keep Your Apps up to Date

Regularly updating software offers numerous advantages. Beyond improving security, this practice extends the longevity of your battery. With each new version release, products are enhanced, and any security vulnerabilities are addressed.

As part of these upgrades, the app’s performance and battery life will experience improvements.

Run GPS-Based Apps in the Background

Due to the potential battery drain caused by GPS-based location tracking apps, individuals often approach them with caution. It is crucial to select GPS and geofencing software capable of operating in the background while maintaining accurate tracking data.

By choosing such software, the GPS-dependent app can perform its tasks without significantly draining the device’s battery. Consequently, YGPS will be restrained from consuming a substantial portion of your device’s battery.

Preserve the Optimal Life Span

There are methods to enhance battery lifespan. Firstly, it is advisable to refrain from allowing your batteries to reach zero or deplete completely too often. Aim to keep the charge level between 40% and 80% most of the time by encouraging frequent recharges throughout the day.

Following this straightforward practice is all you need to do to prolong the battery’s life.

To save battery life, use Battery Saving Mode.

he simplest method to conserve battery life is to enable power-saving mode on your smartphone. You can do this by navigating to Settings, selecting ‘Battery and Optimization,’ and then activating Battery Saving mode. Alternatively, you can toggle the notifications panel and tap on the icon representing Battery Saving Mode.

Note: With Battery Saving mode activated, apps running in the background may not receive notifications or updates unless you are actively using them.

Make Sure Your Charging Cord Is in Good Condition

The cables utilized for charging your device can contribute to swift battery depletion. If the cable is crimped or damaged in any way, it should be replaced. Additionally, using a low-amp charger can pose issues.

Verify the battery compatibility with the charger and opt for one that charges more rapidly and is better suited to the device’s battery. Charging with a low-amp charger not only decelerates the charging process but also hastens the battery’s depletion once disconnected from the charger.

Reduce Screen Brightness

The challenge of battery drain is prevalent with contemporary screens due to their increased power, larger size, and enhanced efficiency. Substantially enhancing battery life can be achieved by reducing the brightness of the display, which is also gentler on the eyes.

Frequently, the default brightness setting of the device is overly bright. Fine-tune the brightness level to identify the optimal setting for both your eyes and battery life.

Additionally, you can diminish screen drain by activating auto-lock, a feature that turns off the display after a specified period of inactivity, such as one minute.

Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode

Finally, ensure that you are aware that activating flight mode can assist in extending the battery life of your phones when recharging is not feasible. This mode disconnects the device from all networks, disables Bluetooth, and cuts off all radio signals.

Phone calls and texts are temporarily halted to conserve battery life. While turning on flight mode can be beneficial when charging a phone is not an option, it’s essential to bear in mind that the GPS tracking accuracy of YGPS may be affected.

Replace a Worn Out Battery

Extended usage and frequent recharging can diminish the lifespan of a battery, as commonly acknowledged. Consequently, there may be instances where replacement becomes necessary.

To optimize the lifespan of your smartphone, consider replacing the old battery with a new one at an authorized phone service center.


Q: What is YGPS?

A: YGPS stands for “Your Global Positioning System,” an online application that monitors the SIM, SMS, and device through GPS locations.

Q: What are the Benefits of YGPS?

A: The benefits of YGPS include:

  • It provides assistance in checking GPS navigation.
  • YGPS is accessible for every Android device.
  • It is suitable for MTK processors such as Nokia, Lenovo, etc.
  • It is a free-of-cost application.

Q: Does YGPS Consume More Battery?

A: Yes, the YGPS application consumes more battery, primarily due to continuous monitoring of location in the background.

Q: How Can I Reduce Battery Drainage with YGPS App?

A: To reduce battery drainage with YGPS, you can turn off background running apps that are not in use, or you can choose a specific preference within YGPS. For example, you can allow monitoring SMS only at a time.

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