30+ RIP Tattoos To Remember Unconditional Love 2023

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RIP Tattoos are usually made for remembering someone who has unconditionally loved or a celebrity who was deeply followed. These comprise of the elements which are associated with the deceased person. Some common examples would be linking anchor for sailors, angelic wings are they have passed away, birds for the bird lovers, etc. Most of these tattoos have the names incorporated to make it evident and to cherish it all the more.

People who leave the world start off another journey which is beyond life. But while they die, they leave many people back on the planet, who will remember them for the rest of their lives. There are many heartbroken people who like to keep the grieve like a hidden memory, while there are many who like to ink themselves and help themselves overcome the grief.


R.I.P Tattoos are very sentimental and that is what makes the concept very beautiful. There are various ways to have them done and each one is customized because they have personal attachments to it. To make your tattoo simple and obvious, you can write the deceased person’s name, with a particular date, which was important to the two of you. Your choice of fonts would add to the enhancement of the simplicity.

R.I.P Tattoos are specifically for those people who are strong enough to withstand the pain and move on while time heals. It is advisable to keep a span of over 3 months after someone’s demise, to choose the best tattoo design. This not only helps you recover a little but also helps you to remember the good aspects of the relationship they shared. R.I.P Tattoos should help someone remember the impact the deceased person had in their life. It should make them celebrate the good things they were taught and to eliminate the mournful cause.

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