65 Impressive Dream Catcher Tattoos Designs and Meanings 2023

Tattoos are one of the most personal things which belong to the wearer.  Dream catcher tattoos are a little closer to a wearer since they are very personal and special! These are mostly chosen by women and hold a strong significance.

Dream catchers are handmade items which had been started by Native American cultures. It includes a netted circular portion accessorized with beads, gemstones, shells, feathers and other natural things. It is supposed to be hung in one’s bedroom for healthy dreams.

These are believed to catch the positive dreams and let the negative ones pass through. Let us go through some tattoo ideas which lets the wearers carry these elements all through their lives:

Dream Catcher Tattoos 2023

1.       Below the ears:


dream catcher-tattoos-behind-ear

This is a small tattoo idea which has been drawn below an ear. Even if it is small, it has been perfectly drawn with proper coloration.

2.       Faded tattoo:

dream catcher-tattoos-fading

This tattoos fades on one side and looks really alluring. The net which fades shapes like a ‘D’ and it has been drawn like that to finish the word ‘dream’. The feathers fade into bird-like shapes and it probably signifies dreams to come true!

3.       Colors added to the tattoo:


This is an innovative idea for a dream catcher tattoo, because the dull black element has been filled with random colors to signify positive dreams coming true.

4.       Quotes with tattoo:
dream catcher tattoos on body

Another loved idea is to add a quote with your tattoo. The quote should definitely add a little more significance to the tattoo, just like the one we see in the picture.

5.       Small tattoo idea:
Small-Dream catcher-Tattoo-On-Wrist

Although dream catchers would seem to have taken larger spaces to be properly done, you can make small one in significant areas so that they are visible and eye-catching.

Let us scroll through some more snaps and see how lovely these dream catcher tattoos can turn out to be!

dream catcher-tattoo ideas

dream catcher-tattoo-2017

Dream catcher-Tattoo-Designs

pictures of dream catcher-tattoos

dream catcher-rose-tattoos

dream catcher-tattoo-on-arms


dream catcher-tattoo-on-back

dream catcher-tattoo-designs-with-american-flag

dream catcher-tattoos for women

Dream catcher-tattoo-rib

colorful-dream catcher-tattoo

owl-dream catcher-tattoo

dream catcher-tattoo-2017

dream catcher-tattoos-designs-ideas

dream catcher tattoos on foot

illuminati eye dream catcher tattoos

dream catcher tattoos

small-dream catcher-tattoos

dream catcher-tattoos-designs

dream catcher tattoos on arms

dream catcher-tattoos on rib

Dream catcher-Tattoo-Designs


woman-dream catcher-tattoo-on-back


dream catcher-tattoos-big-and-small

Dream catcher-Tattoos-Awesome-Design

dream catcher-tattoo-designs

cute-small-dream catcher-tattoos

cool-small-dream catcher-tattoo-on-ankle





2017 dream catcher-tattoo-rib

dream catcher-tattoos-for-men-shoulder

dream catcher-tattoo-shoulder





dreamcatcher-tattoo-designs pictures



dreamcatcher-tattoos-beautiful mountains water landscape

dream catcher-tattoo-back-embroidry


Dream catcher-Tattoos for men

Dream catcher-Tattoo-Design-On-Back

cute-small-dream catcher-tattoo on stomach

colorful dream catcher-tattoo

3d-eagle-and-dream catcher-tattoos

hd-wolf-in-a-dream catcher-tattoos


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