Effective Home Remedies To Remove Tattoo Safely

Tattoos are artistic designs which are proclaimed to be self-expressions and have become increasingly popular lately. Once you get inked, it seems next to impossible to get yourself off those designs or letters. This is the reason why tattoos should be well planned before someone signs up for it! However, below are some useful tips to remove tattoo safely.


Permanent tattoo has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, somebody might be glad that his body art will go with him to his grave, while somebody is regretting to have his ex’s name tattooed. Whatever may be the reason, there are some effective remedies to help you get your old skin back!

1. Surgical Treatment

Dermabrasion is a surgical method which involves a laser treatment. It is one of the successful ways of getting off your permanent design. The tattoo removal cost would be expensive but you will be guaranteed of definite results. These are done by specialists and are artificial ways for tattoo removal. So be selective when you choose a proper dermatologist and healthcare. Alternatively, you have a natural process to remove a tattoo, and this we’d discuss below.

2. Home Tattoo Removal

After numerous trials and research, there are some well-proven steps which have been summed up to be really effective for tattoo removal. This is the best way to remove tattoo as it is safer, less painful and the cost to remove tattoo cuts down than what you’d need for a laser treatment. This remedy is often referred to as Salabrasion. This is one effective method to fade your tattoo gradually and naturally at home.

1. Decide:

Be specific if you really want to take off your permanent mark. Once you start off with the process you can’t look back. If you think that tattooing was hasty, removing it in an impulse would be even worse. Take a look at the inked area and then ask yourself if you are really up for the change.

2. Equipment:

If you are determined enough to remove a tattoo, your natural process will need the following tools:

  1.  Hand towel,
  2.  Shaving razor,
  3.  Unscented anti-bacterial soap or sudsing emulsion agent,
  4.  Bowl of water,
  5.  Gauze sponge,
  6.  Antibiotic cream,
  7.  Sterile gauze or bandage,
  8.  2 tablespoons of ground salt,
  9.  Hydrogen peroxide (might be needed).

3. Boil water:

Take a medium-sized bowl and boil water to get it disinfected. Let it cool.

4. Shave:

Shave the tattooed area to remove hair if any. This will make the remedy work better and painless.

5.  Clean the zone:

Take the unscented antibacterial soap or the alternative agent and a little warm water to clean the inked zone. This would help you disinfect the area. Take the hand towel to pat dry. You could ask your GP to suggest a proper antibacterial sudsing emulsion agent. Using this would yield better results.6.

6. Warm Compresses:

Take a cloth and dip it in the boiled water. Press it in the tattooed area and it gets wet. This step is important to make your tattoo removal less painful and more convenient.7. Salinate Sponge:

7. Salinate Sponge:

Dip gauze sponge into the warm water and moist it. Roll it well through the pile of ground salt. This salinates the water which the sponge has absorbed. Ground salt is known to be an effective agent for exfoliation. Rub it all over the tattooed area and it will remove several layers of it. Continue rolling till the salt stops dissolving.

8. Rub Tattoo:

Rub tattooed area with the wet sponge for about 30-40 minutes or wait for a crimson appearance on the skin. Then let the sponge dry. You could feel a little pain after rubbing as the salt reacts like an anesthetic in this case.

9. Clean the zone:

Wait for a couple of hours. Once the spot gets dried, wash for 5-10 minutes thoroughly with cold water. You might see some ink wash away while you rinse the area with water. If you start bleeding, soak a fresh cloth with hydrogen peroxide and press the zone. This would help you disinfect the area and protect from infection. You could also apply vitamin E on the area to reduce scar tissue. It also helps you heal faster and reduces pain or inflammation from the tissues.

10. Cover:

Wait for the tattoo area to dry. You could also pat the area dry with a clean hand cloth and then apply some antibiotic cream. Use a gauze or sterile bandage or cover the area and hold it tightly with a first-aid tape. This protects you from infections.

11. Check for Infection:

Take off the dressing after 3 days and see the area minutely. If it has reddened or is severely painful, you might have got infected. You ought to consult a physician if you suspect infection.

12. Repeat process:

You will form a minor scab and that will fall off. The inked area would look lighter than before. Repeat the process till the ink fades. The remedy works for both fresh tattoos and old ones.

More Tips:

  1.  Apply an antiseptic ointment and a strip of sterile gauze on your treated zone after every application.
  2.  Use ground salt and avoid sea salt. That might hurt your skin.
  3.  It is sensible to avoid this remedy if you have had a cut in the area anyway. Salt can burn your skin when torn.
  4.  This process could leave big scars if done improperly. If you are not sure to do it perfectly, go for professional help or let someone else do it for you. The area might look itchy and numb for numerous days after being treated. But the results would be worthwhile if you can be patient and consistent.

Be all the more sure if you want to remove it. Once you have decided, stick to your decision. Share this article with someone who could need it as much as you. Help them resolve their tattoo removal needs with both the options to choose from.

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