30 Unique But Meaningful Wrist Tattoos Designs For You 2023

Wrist tattoos are most unique tattoos. They seem to be very simple but means a lot to the wearer. They are also some of the simplest to tattoos to be drawn. These tattoos are also less painful, compared to others that are drawn around the body. So where do these tattoos originate from?


Currently, many people are applying the tattoos on their wrists and they are having different meanings for that. The placement of the tattoo, whether on the inner wrist or around the wrist, also has its meaning. Nonetheless, the most common area that they are applied to, is the inner wrist.

1. Firewire Tattoo

Firewire Tattoo

2. Awesome Wrist Tattoo

Awesome Wrist Tattoo

3. Beautiful Achor Wrist Tattoo

Beautiful Achor Wrist Tattoo

4. Colorful Wrist Tattoo

Best Colorful Wrest Tattoos

5. Best Wrist Tattoo

Best Wrest Tattoos

6. Black And White Flower Wrist Tattoo

Black And White Flower Wrist Tattoos

7. Black Wrist Tattoo

Black Wrist Tattoos

8. Cool Words Tattoo On Wrist

Cool Words Tattoo On Wrist

9. Dead Tree Wrist Tattoo

Dead Tree Wrist Tattoos

10. Dubble Wrist Tattoo

Dubble Wrist Tattoos

11. Feather Wrist Tattoo

Feather Wrist Tattoo

12. New Wrist Tattoo

New Wrist Tattoos

13. Nice Rose Tattoo

Nice Rose Tattoo

14. Nice Wrist Tattoo

Nice Wrist Tattoo

15. Small And Best Wrist Tattoo

Small And Best Wrist Tattoos

16. Small Angel Wing Tattoos On Wrist

Small Angel Wing Tattoos On Wrist

17. Small Flower Wrist Tattoo

Small Flower Wrist Tattoos

18. Small Tattoo On Wrist

Small Tattoo On Wrist

19. Star And Heart Tattoo

Star And Heart Tattoo

20. Steampunk Clock Compass Wrist Tattoo

Steampunk Clock Compass Wrist Tattoo

21. Tiny Wrist Tattoo Social

Tiny Wrist Tattoos Social

22. Tree And Owl Tattoo

Tree And Owl Tattoo

23. Tribal Butterfly Wrist Tattoo For Women

Tribal Butterfly Wrist Tattoo For Women

24. Tribal Love Tattoo Designs Wrist

Tribal Love Tattoo Designs Wrist

25. Tribal Owl Tattoo

Tribal Owl Tattoo

26. Twins Wrist Tattoo Design

Twins Wrist Tattoos Images

27. Wrist Heart Tattoo For Women

Wrist Heart tattoo Women

28. Wrist Tattoo Design

Wrist Tattoo Image

29. Wrist Tattoo Photo

Wrist Tattoo Photo

30. Zodiac Tattoo On Wrist

Zodiac Tattoo On Wrist

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