How To Know If A Tattoo Artist Is Good?

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Tattoos have become an increasing popular art in today’s generation. These are imprints on our body which are designed by specialists, and last us for a lifetime. With high popularity, the tattoo industry has had an increased demand over the last 10 years. This in turn made a lot of artists get into tattooing, and they started having their own tattoo studio.

At times, these seem more like local tattoo shops but are much more intense, as when it comes to expressing themselves through their artistic designs, they do their work beautifully.

Choosing the Right Tattoo Artist:

No one can simply buy some wrenches, a few repair books and hang up a sign to indicate that it’s an ‘auto repair shop’, as for that, he needs professional mechanics, a proper start up, etc. Similarly, no one can simply posses tattooing machines, needles and variety of designs and claim to be a tattoo artist. A building with nice exterior design doesn’t seem quite convincing to be a good tattoo studio either.

You must remember that once you get a tattoo, it will be a permanent mark on you. Your skin is precious, and it deserves the finest of artwork. It cannot be used to be practiced on, and this is why it is very essential to get a professional tattoo artist who will give you the best possible designs.

The question that is probably going on in your mind is, how? How do you get a proper studio and not just get into a shop which was set up overnight for quick money? How would you find out if the tattoo artist that you’re relying on is well experienced and professional? How do you get to a proper tattoo shop, where they would use the finest quality of products? Well you will have all your answers below.

What to Look for in a Tattoo Artist and Studio?

When you look for the best tattoo artist look for all that he has worked previously on. Find the photos which are there in his portfolio and see how much does that impress you. Look thoroughly, from big to small detailing. Check if the colors are attractive and bright. Next, you should try and get in touch with people he has worked on. If you get to see someone’s tattoo which is done by the tattoo artist you want to approach, the design will tell you a lot about his work.

Apart from the detailing, you must make sure if they color combination has been right and if it has sustained for a long while. Lastly, having a conversation with the artist directly could let you have your personal impression. Sometimes some people can get us into talking and that is enough for us to make out that he knows his job well!

An attractive tattoo shop doesn’t really have to be that nice and reliable. You have to be very selective when you choose – be observant. Where is the studio located? Is it neat place or dirty? If you have to blow off some dust from display books or see untidy ambiance, you might have stepped into a wrong place. These studios are supposed to be clean and impressive.

Be careful about ‘bootleg flash’ while looking for a professional tattoo shop. Spotting it might tell you about their quality, ethics and potential safety. Is the flash quite professionally printed or do they seem like cheap Xeroxed prints? Do all the sheets have company name with their copyright mentioned on them? If a studio is okay about cutting corners out in their showroom, how many corners are cut in their backroom? What inferior quality product could they be using?

If a studio can offer the arts which they stole from their customers, then their service could be quite questionable as well – in the sense, their products could be harmful for our health.

You must find out how long the tattoo shop has been around. If you do not find them in the ‘yellow pages’ they might be less than a year old. Alternatively, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid a new studio, but that means that the shop has less history, and fewer customers to review on them.

It is important to know what sort of a reputation the studio carries. If you know someone who has already got their tattoo done from there, then you are probably safe! There is no harm in asking the customers about their reviews, even if you don’t know them personally. You can also cross-check and they’d tell you their experiences.

You must ask a lot of questions especially if it’s about safety. A professional studio would proudly define their tattooing practices and would love to resolve all your queries. Interactive people, who seem confident enough to state what they are saying must be true, are surely an attractive and dependable. Whether you communicate with the tattoo artist directly, or someone at the front counters, they should all know the safety norms.

If the studio follows proper sterilization and infection prevention processes, tattooing can be really safe. Safe tattooing is anything which comes in touch with blood or our body fluids should either be disposable or sterilized.
Standard Precaution like infection prevention and control is to be practiced all the time.

Now that you have all the information you needed, choose your favorite design and get inked! Don’t forget to share all the facts with your friends and families, whose safety is as important as yours!