Things to Know Before Getting your First Tattoo

tips to get your first tattoo

Tattoo is something that has come in trend over the last ten years now. Every year, there is an increasing in number of members who are getting inked. These are considered to be highly artistic and expressive. Tattoos are permanent marks which we choose to leave in our body forever, so if you are thinking of getting your fist tattoo, there are some facts you would love to know!

Tips for First Tattoo:

1. If you are new, then there is no harm is starting small. Take your time to know and experience the process. See how your skin accepts the change and how your body heals.

2. We all want to be in trend as we all want to maintain that ‘be cool’ factor! But we shouldn’t push ourselves more than what our body can really take. If you are sensitive, do not opt for back of knees, ribs, and groin or elbow areas for the first tattoo.

3. You would like to avoid having a tattoo in summer as sun exposure and even water submersion can damage a fresh tattoo. Spring time or early autumns are the most practical and preferable times to get a tattoo done. You will neither burn and nor have to cover the fresh tattoo with irritating fabrics while it is healing.

4. Till you have various people who can recommend a cheap tattoo shop, do not rely on any less expensive tattoo parlors. You are going to leave a mark for a lifetime, so it is advisable to spare a decent amount for such an investment.

5. When you trust someone with your body, you must have him well researched. You cannot simply rely on a reputed company, but you also need to know the tattoo artist and his portfolio when he is the concerned person who would be dealing with your body. Go through the artist’s experience and profile. Rely on him only if you are convinced enough.

6. You might be madly in love with someone and you want to tattoo his/her name. But be careful and wise when you go for attempts as such. These are decisions for a lifetime. Time changes and so do situations, people fall in love and people equally fall out of love. The only thing we would have with ourselves, till our death, is the body that our soul complements.

7. Never tattoo on your face. Anywhere else in the body could be just fine (as advised by your artist) but your face.
Take some time to see how happy you are with your choices – the design, the artist and the studio. If all seems good, remember that marking your body is a once a lifetime decision. When you sign up to retain something till the end of your existence, make sure all your decisions and correct. Though, even if situations turn out to be bad, make sure that you do not regret having something, which was at least for once worth rejoicing about!

Once you have made your decision, it comes to getting your plans into action. Now we will read about all those factors which you must ensure while having your first tattoo done:

1. Buy Bepanthen+ beforehand: It not mandatory that your tattoo artist would provide you with this cream. You are to make sure that you have picked it up from the chemist’s store, before you have an appointment with your tattoo artist. This is a rash cream which could protect sensitive skin from sores. It also prevents your body from oozing out blood. If you tattoo artist does give you a cream, make sure that you have counter-checked them with ointments like Aqauphor or Bepanthen. Apply it 2 times a day for the initial weeks of healing.

2. Don’t stress yourself: tattoo artists might tell you about his experiences of numerous girls crying, simply at the sight of the needle. Panicking would ruin your experience, which wouldn’t leave you with a good memory. Thus, take a deep breath and be prepared for a little pinch and scratch. It’s nothing worse than that!

3. Take a companion: the first attempts are usually scary. They are bound to be and it’s nothing shameful or abnormal about it. Don’t go alone if you can’t calm your senses. Take a friend with you, and best if he has got a tattoo already. If somebody trustable is there to talk you through the process or simply calm you down, it is surely worth it!

4. Be curious: when it’s your body and a permanent mark in concern, make sure that all your queries have been resolved! Get all the necessary and even unnecessary information about tattooing. You have the right to know, be it about the instrument, the ointments, the healing processes, you are free to ask questions at every step and they surely have to answer.

5. Best Tattoo: be specific about the design you have chosen. If you aren’t very sure, go through some first tattoo ideas. Have a vision and borrow the artist’s too. Be sure about the exact output that you’re looking for is same as how he is trying to make it look. Struggling through the entire before and after processes has to be all worth it!

6. After Care: be informed about all that you are supposed to do for taking care of the tattoo and know the healing processes. Your artist will be able to brief you with the first tattoo pains and how to deal with them.

Getting a tattoo seems fun and adventurous. Indulge into getting yourself inked and experience what you have been craving for. Check out some of the best tattoo designs and add your own creativity to customize the look. Your body is your choice, just be confident and careful about the processes. Consistency and patience are too most essential factors after confidence.

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