How Can I See Hidden Mutual Friends On Facebook

To unveil the concealed friends of someone on Facebook, the initial step is to obtain the profile ID of that individual.

Upon inspecting a Facebook profile, you’ll notice either a presentation of mutual friends or an absence of a Friends section. If your friends are among the mutual ones on their profile, you’ll find them listed. However, if the friends list is private, all friends will remain concealed. Facebook provides users with the option to do this to protect both their friend’s privacy and their own.

On the profile tab, Facebook typically exhibits only six friends. If you desire to explore the hidden friends on Facebook, there are methods available to access the complete list of friends categorized under mutual friends or others.

How Can I See Hidden Mutual Friends On Facebook:

To reveal concealed friends on Facebook, employ the Friends viewer link, a universally accessible tool for all users that can be accessed from any device. The ensuing steps will lead you through the process, allowing you to observe the hidden friends on Facebook.

1. Find the Profile ID

Start by searching for the profile links of the individual whose concealed friends you wish to investigate. If the profile tab shows only a limited number of friends in the mutual friends and total friends count, you can proceed to view all friends.

To discover the Profile ID of a Facebook profile,

Steps to Follow:

  1. Open the Facebook message link.
  2. Search for the person on Messenger, and tap on their name.
  3. The ID will be visible in the URL section.

This method is most effectively executed on a PC.

2. Access the Facebook Hidden Friends URL

Then, access the friend viewer link to reveal the concealed friends on Facebook using the given link.

To inspect someone’s friends on Facebook,

Steps to Follow:

  1. Open the friend viewer link on Facebook:
  2. Replace the ID acquired from the initial step in the link.
  3. The individual’s friends will be presented.

That covers all you need to do.

How To See Someone’s Friend List On Facebook If It’s Private:

You have these three following ways:

1. Obtain Login Info and Access their Account

To access the full list of friends on Facebook for your friend, you must log in to their account because using your own account will only reveal friends you have in common.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account and message your friend to request their account details.
  2. Use their email ID and password to log in to their account.
  3. Go to “See your profile” under the three lines icon, click on “Friends,” and then select “All” to view the comprehensive list of friends, including the private ones.

2. Explore from Friend’s Mobile

If a friend has a private friend list, and you desire to view it, request access to their mobile device and seek permission to browse through their Facebook friends.


3. Wait for Public Visibility

At times, individuals set their accounts to private when sharing confidential or personal information, and they may later switch it back to public. If you wish to see your friend’s private friends, it’s advisable to patiently wait until they adjust their account settings and make it public for friends.

Why Can’t I See My Friends On My Facebook Friends List:

1. They Unfriended You

If you can no longer see an individual on your Facebook friends list, it’s probable that they unfriended you. This action may be a result of a desire to sever ties or in response to inappropriate behavior on your part, leading to their removal based on community guidelines.

2. They Might Have Blocked You

Another possible explanation for a friend’s account not appearing on your Facebook friends list is that they might have blocked you for personal or serious reasons. Blocking renders it impossible to search for or locate them in your friends list.

3. You Unfriended or Blocked Them

A frequently disregarded cause for not finding a friend in your Facebook friends list is the possibility that you may have personally removed or blocked their account, perhaps due to a disagreement, and subsequently forgotten about it.

How to Find Friends of Someone from the Friends Tab

If you want to see someone’s friends on Facebook, and they are not on your friend list, you will only be able to view mutual friends. To see all of someone’s friends on Facebook, follow these steps:

Steps to Fol

  1. Open the person’s profile on Facebook.
  2. Look for the ‘Friends’ tab on the profile or use the link:
  3. Replace ‘NUMERIC_ID’ with the person’s profile ID. Once the link opens in a new tab, it will display all the friends added to the person’s Facebook profile. That concludes the process

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