What does Announcement 24 mean on Verizon Wireless?

Explore the Intricacies of Announcement 24 on Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless users, buckle up! Announcement 24 is making waves, and you’re probably wondering what it means for you. In this article, we’ll delve into the depths of Announcement 24, decoding its significance and impact on your mobile experience.

Deciphering Announcement 24

Let’s cut to the chase—Announcement 24 is more than just a routine update. It signifies a pivotal moment in Verizon’s commitment to enhancing user experience and network functionality. Understanding the intricacies of this announcement is crucial for every Verizon user.

Unveiling New Features

Enhanced Connectivity

With Announcement 24, Verizon is prioritizing connectivity like never before. Expect improved network coverage and reduced downtime, ensuring that you stay connected when it matters the most.

Speed Boost

Say goodbye to sluggish internet speeds! Verizon’s latest announcement brings a significant speed boost to your browsing and streaming experience. Enjoy seamless connectivity for all your online activities.

Advanced Security Measures

Your privacy matters, and Verizon knows it. Announcement 24 introduces advanced security measures, safeguarding your data and providing a worry-free digital experience.

How to Make the Most of Announcement 24

Update Your Device

To fully embrace the benefits of Announcement 24, ensure your device is up to date. Regular software updates guarantee that you’re not missing out on the latest enhancements and optimizations.

Explore New Plans

With the revamped features, now is the ideal time to explore Verizon’s updated plans. Tailor your mobile experience to your needs and take advantage of the enhanced services offered with Announcement 24.

What Are Calling Restrictions?

In simpler terms, calling restrictions dictate who can initiate or receive calls from a particular phone number or a designated group of phone numbers.

Incoming Calling Restrictions

If you hear a “restricted” dial tone on your Verizon phone, it indicates that the caller wishes to remain anonymous. They have specifically requested that their phone number not be displayed on your caller ID.

Occasionally, the calling party configures their phone or landline to conceal their identity when placing a call. For instance, bill collectors often mask or block their numbers to prevent debtors from rejecting their calls.

If you have reservations about the identity of a caller, it’s advisable to let the call go to your answering machine or voicemail. The caller is likely to disclose their identity and provide you with an opportunity to return the call by leaving a message.

Outgoing Calling Restrictions

The most prevalent form of Verizon calling restriction is outgoing call restrictions. Certain individuals or groups are prevented from making calls to a specific number. Various reasons may account for this restriction, including:

  • The phone number is owned by a company, and only its customers are authorized to use it.
  • The owner of the phone number wishes to avoid unsolicited calls to that number.
  • It pertains to a government agency, and only specific numbers are allowed to initiate calls.

These examples represent just a fraction of the potential reasons why someone might limit incoming calls to a particular phone number. Understanding these restrictions ensures a clearer grasp of the communication dynamics involved.

Verizon Smart Family: Device Compatibility and Enrollment Process

Wondering what devices your family can use on Verizon Smart Family? Currently, only smartphones support Smart Family, with a requirement of OS 5.0 (Lollipop) or newer for Android devices.

For Apple enthusiasts, Smart Family is compatible with iOS 10 or later on iPhones and iPads, encompassing every iPhone released since the iPhone 5.

How to Sign Up?

To enroll in Verizon Smart Family, begin by downloading the Smart Family app to your mobile device. Subsequently, your child’s phone should download the Companion App.

  1. Search for “Verizon Smart Family” on Google Play or the Apple App Store on your parent phone.
  2. Sign in using your Verizon user ID or the associated phone number and password.
  3. Choose between Verizon Smart Family and Verizon Smart Family Premium after signing in.

On the child’s phone:

  1. Search for “Smart Family Companion” after you’ve completed the steps on your parent phone.
  2. Download the app to connect your child’s phone to yours.

Verizon Smart Family Premium

Opt for Smart Family at $4.99/month or go Premium at $9.99/month. The key difference lies in Premium’s location tracking feature, allowing you to set up alerts for your child’s arrival at specific places like school or home.

If location tracking isn’t a priority, Verizon Smart Family provides ample features without the Premium subscription.

Managing Companion App Deletion

Concerned about your kids deleting the Companion App? While they could theoretically do so, a special code from your parent device is required. You’ll receive a text message notifying you if the Companion App has been deleted.

Even if the app is removed, Smart Family’s location tracking persists. For optimal results, it’s recommended to keep the Companion App installed for accurate location tracking and to fully utilize all features.

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How To Add Family Members To Verizon Smart Family?

Initiating the Verizon Smart Family Setup Process

To get started, launch the My Verizon app or log in to your account on the Verizon website. Here, you have the option to designate your family member either as a child or a parent. Once decided, seamlessly incorporate them into your Smart Family subscription.

1. After opening the Smart Family app on the parent device, navigate to the menu and click on “Add Family Member.”
2. Input your family’s details into Settings and choose the “Add a Family Member” option to complete the process.

To add a second parent to your account:

1. Access the menu in the Smart Family app on the parent device.
2. Within the family settings, pick the desired person as a parent from the drop-down menu.
3. Confirm your selection by tapping “Save.”

This straightforward process ensures the smooth inclusion of family members in your Verizon Smart Family, enhancing your control and management capabilities.

Why do businesses put up call restrictions?

A business may enforce call restrictions for diverse reasons. They might aim to limit communication to customers within a specific area code, or they could be seeking to avoid telemarketers and other sales calls. Whatever the motive, encountering a restricted phone number can be frustrating.

How can you tell if a number is restricted?

Verifying call restrictions can be challenging. The clearest indications typically come from the messages you receive when attempting to make a call, such as “The number you have dialed is restricted” or “this number does not accept calls from your area code.” Additionally, if the phone continues to ring incessantly without diverting to voicemail, it may serve as an additional indicator of restrictions.

What does it mean when Verizon says calling restrictions announcement?

A restriction is in place on the number, preventing your call from going through. If you encounter this message when calling a toll-free number from your phone, you’re not alone. To overcome these limitations, simply input *82 before dialing the desired number. For more details, visit their website or contact (800) VERIZON.

Do telemarketers call from restricted numbers?

While it’s a potential strategy, it’s not a universal practice. Certain telemarketers may try to evade caller ID blocking services by utilizing restricted numbers. However, a considerable number of telemarketers opt for unlisted or toll-free phone numbers.

If you wish to cease receiving telemarketing calls, consider adding your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry. For further information, you can visit their website or reach out to them at (888) 380-ACTS.


In conclusion, Announcement 24 on Verizon Wireless is a game-changer. From improved connectivity to advanced security measures, this update is designed to elevate your mobile experience. Stay ahead of the curve by embracing the changes and make the most of what Verizon has to offer in the ever-evolving world of telecommunications.

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