Is Safe?

“It might cross your mind that Aptoide is a risky choice for app downloads, especially since it’s been removed from the Play Store. You might be questioning its safety—whether it poses a threat of spyware or malware that could harm your device. Additionally, you may be curious about its legitimacy.

In this article, we’ll provide answers to these queries and offer valuable insights into Aptoide. But before we delve into that, let’s clarify what Aptoide actually is…”

What is Aptoide?

“Aptoide serves as an online app store designed for Android-based smartphones and tablets. Unlike the centralized structure of the default Android App Store, Aptoide places the responsibility for individual stores on each user. Developed by Aptoide S.A., a for-profit corporation headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, the platform was founded in 2011.

Aptoide offers various versions tailored for different devices, including Aptoide for smartphones and tablets, Aptoide TV, Aptoide VR, and Aptoide Kids for children’s devices.

With Aptoide, Android users can conveniently download mobile apps. Boasting over 300 million users and a selection of 1 million apps, it stands as a popular alternative to Google Play. Through AppCoins, users gain the flexibility to download applications from any country, not limited to regions where Google has a presence, such as nations where apps like Vidmate, SnapTube, or LuckyPatcher are unavailable (e.g., China).

The concept behind Aptoide is inspired by the APT packaging manager’s capability to integrate packages from diverse sources (repositories). When a user requests a package, the client searches for sources where the application is stored.

The name “Aptoide” is a fusion of “APT” (the Debian package management) and “oide,” creating the last syllable of “Android.”

As of 2017, Aptoide had around 200 million users, available in 40 languages. The platform’s software had been downloaded approximately 6 billion times by the same year, featuring about 1 million Android apps across various app shops on the Aptoide platform.”

Is safe?

“Yes, Aptoide is entirely secure for use. Here’s the rationale behind this assurance:

According to a study conducted by Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, titled “Understanding the Security Management of Global Third-Party Android Marketplaces,” Aptoide emerged as the safest among 26 third-party Android Marketplaces.

The study, published in the ACM Guide to Computing Literature, compiled data from over 4.7 million Android apps sourced from 27 third-party marketplaces. Various factors, including the rate of benign apps, the review system, explanation of app permissions, the report system, Safety badge, and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, were evaluated to establish a security index for each marketplace.

The study authors ranked these marketplaces based on their security index to determine their safety levels. Aptoide emerged as the top-rated marketplace, signifying it as the safest platform for online application downloads.”

What about the content it has?

“It’s essential to bear in mind that anyone can establish an Aptoide store and commence selling software. Instances of harmful software have arisen due to a more lenient application review policy. However, attributing Aptoide as the sole culprit would be unjust. The reality is that a completely secure application marketplace does not exist; each has, at some point, featured potentially unsafe apps or malware in its catalog.

Below are some tips to enhance safety when using this app store. For instance, it’s advisable to exclusively download apps from reputable companies. Avoid installing software that claims to address implausible issues, such as spying on WhatsApp or revealing who has viewed your Instagram profile.”

Why is Aptoide Safe?

Anti-malware system

“Daily encounters with viruses posing as popular apps and intrusive ads are challenges Aptoide confronts regularly. To counter these threats, the implementation of anti-malware software has become an integral part of their strategy.

Ensuring Aptoide customers receive comprehensive information regarding an app’s safety is achieved through regular scanning and filtering of content on the store. Here’s how it works:

  1. Well-known and up-to-date anti-malware systems are employed to meticulously scan each software. The anti-malware engine is specifically designed to detect and respond to new threats, surpassing the capabilities of other antivirus solutions. This commitment allows Aptoide to offer optimal protection for its customers.
  2. The system undergoes filtration and classification according to Aptoide parameters, ensuring that it is safe for download and installation on user devices.
  3. To guarantee no viruses are overlooked and users are exposed only to secure content, apps undergo periodic inspections after being published and uploaded.
  4. In the event that an app manages to slip through the checks, Aptoide users can report it as potentially undesirable. The security team then incorporates user feedback to update the anti-malware system, closing any loopholes and enhancing overall security.”

R&D in Cybersecurity

“Ensuring security stands as a paramount focus for our Aptoide R&D team, dedicated to addressing challenges within the app market. Currently, they are engaged in two cybersecurity R&D projects, both receiving support from European R&D frameworks:

  1. AppSentinel, an antivirus software, utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze malware patterns and detect emerging threats.
  2. TrustChain is centered around blockchain technology and developer reputation, aiming to enhance cybersecurity processes.”

Is legitimate?

“Aptoide is fully legal and serves as an open-source alternative in the app distribution industry. Established in 2011 in Lisbon, Portugal, Aptoide aimed to provide Android users with an alternative platform for discovering and downloading quality apps. With over 300 million global users, the company operates through various OEMs and third-party app stores, maintaining offices in Lisbon, Shenzhen (China), and Singapore.

Aptoide offers a repository of over a million free and secure programs, earning recognition as the safest app store in an independent research study. Content on Aptoide is either user-generated, uploaded by Aptoide users, or provided by developers seeking broad exposure for their apps. Each app undergoes a thorough review to ensure both safety and compliance with relevant laws.

Unlike iOS, Android is a more open platform, allowing users to install applications from third-party sources, making apps like Aptoide perfectly legal to use. Despite Google’s efforts to exclude Aptoide from the Android market, legal battles confirmed Aptoide’s legitimacy and restrained Google from interfering with its competitors.

While concerns may arise regarding the legality of the content within Aptoide, the platform itself does not inherently violate Android or other services. Aptoide’s development tools and features enable anyone to publish their programs without charge, contributing to a diverse app ecosystem.

Using Aptoide alongside Google Play is entirely lawful, and the two can coexist without issues. This integration makes Aptoide a complementary tool to Google Play, offering users the flexibility to update apps in advance or access programs not available through other means.”

What are the advantages of using

Below we have enlisted a few advantages of Aptoide that make it better than most application downloading services.

  • Easy to download

  • “If you attempt to locate Aptoide in the Play Store, you won’t find it there. Given that Aptoide is a direct competitor to the Play Store, it is not listed on the platform. However, you can obtain the APK for free from its official website or mirrored sites. Once Aptoide is downloaded to your smartphone, the installation process is straightforward and rapid.”

    • It offers a huge variety to choose from

    “Aptoide is a program that enables you to explore a vast array of available applications. What’s even better is that you can acquire them for free. In fact, some of the paid apps on the Play Store are accessible for free on Aptoide. Additionally, Aptoide boasts more frequent updates compared to the Play Store.

    • No restrictions

    • vShare

    • vShare

    • Secure

      “Contrary to common misconceptions, Aptoide is a safe and secure platform. You can be confident that your computer won’t be compromised by any malicious software or spyware. With the trusted or official APK download, you can access over 60,000 secure applications. Aptoide also features a ‘Trusted Stamps’ function, adding multiple layers of security to alert you about apps that may contain harmful content.”

      • Premium account

      Premium account access is another perk of this app’s use. Premium memberships provide you access to apps from other developers as well as the opportunity to sell your own.

      • No restrictions

      “Some apps and even the entire Google store may be off-limits to the general public. However, Aptoide takes a different approach and does not enforce such restrictions. Regardless of your location, Aptoide allows you to download anything from their store. These are just a few of the advantages of using the Aptoide app. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s sure to impress, so give it a go today.”

      3 Alternatives to using Aptoide

      Below we have enlisted 3 alternatives to Aptoide that are just as good as well as safe to use:

      • APKMirror

      “APKMirror stands out as possibly the best website for Android APK downloads. Operated by the same team behind the popular Android news site, Android Police, you can trust that you’re in reliable hands.

      When it comes to security, APKMirror upholds stringent policies:

      1. All uploaded APKs undergo a thorough review by staff before being published.
      2. The site cross-checks cryptographic signatures for new app versions against previous versions, ensuring they are signed by the genuine developers.
      3. New apps are compared to existing ones from the same developer to verify their authenticity.

      In essence, APKMirror refuses to publish an APK file unless it can confirm its legitimacy. Consequently, you won’t find altered, pirated, or paid apps on the site.

      APKMirror offers the flexibility to download earlier versions of each program, access information sourced from Google Play, and peruse a list of related apps for each. If an app installed from APKMirror receives an update on Google Play after installation on your device, it seamlessly upgrades to the latest version.”

      • Yalp Store

      “Differing from other apps on this list, Yalp Store lacks a web version. Instead, you need to obtain the software through F-Droid, recognized as one of the best alternatives to Google Play.

      Once the Yalp Store app is installed on your Android device, you can utilize it to directly download APKs from the Google Play Store. This eliminates concerns about intermediaries injecting malware into the APKs before you access them.

      For rooted devices, Yalp Store can seamlessly update apps in the background without requiring your intervention. Notably, you aren’t obligated to have a Google account to download APKs from Google Play, catering to those with privacy concerns regarding Google’s practices.

      • APKMonk

      “APKMonk stands out as another well-known source for APK downloads. The platform places a strong emphasis on gaming apps, prominently featuring popular games on its homepage.

      In terms of safety, APKMonk is considered secure for use. When you navigate to a listing, you’ll discover a comprehensive range of information, including all previous versions of the app, metadata sourced from the Google Play Store, app images, and links to the original store listing. The site conducts its own malware tests before featuring an app on its platform.

      APKMonk also facilitates the download of regular apps, conveniently categorized into popular and trending sections.

      Apps like Aptoide for iOS users

      Below we have curated a list of 3 applications that work synonymously to Aptoide and can be used by iOS users:

      • vShare

      “It serves as the most efficient substitute for the Aptoide App, accessible on both Android and iOS devices currently. A substantial number of apps in the Android App store are entirely free, easily downloadable. Additionally, searching for apps has become more streamlined, prompting many users to adopt this app as an alternative to Aptoide.

      • Zeusmos

      “Zeusmos is a third-party App Store accessible for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices. It boasts a well-crafted design, catering to the preferences of users with its straightforward user interface.”
      • HipStore

      “Hipster is a widely-used application embraced by individuals worldwide. It stands out as the optimal choice for downloading both paid and free apps on both Android and iOS devices, regardless of the jailbreak status. This app is entirely free, and users can acquire it without any cost.

      Final Verdict

      “In conclusion, Aptoide is entirely secure for use. It is backed by a legitimate corporation, supported by a dedicated team, and has affiliations with major technology companies globally. However, it remains crucial to employ common sense when downloading or uninstalling software from this repository, as with any other platform.

      Aptoide has consistently prioritized delivering malware-free software to its users over the years. Each app undergoes thorough scrutiny through a combination of automated and manual analysis tools, along with user feedback, before beingreleased.

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