Can You See Who Viewed Your Facebook Video?

The straightforward response to this question is that you cannot. Facebook Video only discloses the number of individuals who viewed the video you posted on your timeline and does not provide additional details. According to Facebook’s privacy regulations, you are not notified of other users’ actions. Recognition of video viewers is limited to those who choose to “like” it, react differently, or leave comments.

While a program is live on Facebook Video, you can review the live stream management page to identify viewers. Unfortunately, once the broadcast concludes, tracking down viewers of your live-streamed video becomes impossible. Although you can determine the total number of viewers, identifying specific individuals who viewed your video is not feasible.

One workaround is to encourage viewers to engage with you during the broadcast by commenting. Additionally, there are a couple of ways to ensure your intended friends watch your video: send them the video via Messenger, mention them in the video, or include the video in your Facebook Video stories.

Facebook stories offer an easy way to discover who viewed your videos, providing information on both the total number of viewers and specific individuals who viewed your story. If your video is brief, add it directly to the Facebook stories section. For longer videos, repost them on your wall.

If concerns about video views are related to privacy, especially with regard to online stalking, you might also be curious about who is viewing your profile or how Facebook compiles the “People you may know” list. Let’s delve into what that entails.

How to Check Video Stats on Facebook Video Pages?

Access Insights to review statistics for the videos you’ve posted on your Page. Navigate to Videos and examine the data.

To delve into specific video insights, head to your Page and utilize Publishing Tools (Meta Business Suite). Click on Video Library to select the video you wish to analyze, where you can explore various statistics detailing its performance, audience, and engagement.

This includes metrics such as the number of views, comments, and shares for your video. It’s important to note that only videos with a minimum of 100 views qualify for these detailed statistics.

Furthermore, you can track how many times your video was watched for at least three seconds and the total number of complete views it garnered.

While broadcasting live on Facebook Video, you have exclusive access to information about who is tuning into your videos. However, once the live stream concludes, you can only determine the overall viewer count, not individual names. For those managing a Facebook Page, Insights provides a comprehensive overview of video statistics that you’ve shared on the platform.

Is ‘People You May Know’ People Who Visit Your Profile?

In our Facebook group, there are occasions when we recognize members, and other times when we don’t. However, when a name reappears in the “People you may know” section, it sparks curiosity about why Facebook thinks we might be acquainted with that person. Our minds wander, speculating whether these are random names, if someone is perusing our Facebook profile, or if we simply share many mutual friends.

Surprisingly, the only accurate explanation is the last one!

So, the answer is NO. The fact that a profile keeps appearing in your suggestions doesn’t necessarily mean they’re stalking you. Instead, it could imply various things. Individuals listed under “People you may know” are included for the following reasons:

  1. You share numerous friends.
  2. They have the same email address or phone number as you.
  3. You engage with their posts.
  4. You like the page they are associated with.
  5. You participate in a group conversation with them.

Every day, Facebook Video aims to expand your social connections, introducing a new friend suggestion in the “People you may know” section with each established connection.

How do I know who stalks my Instagram?

While determining who specifically is stalking your Instagram account remains uncertain, there are approaches you can employ to discern individuals who follow or unfollow you without direct communication.

One method involves comparing the number of followers they have to your own follower count. If someone possesses significantly more followers than you, it could be an indication that they are closely monitoring your account.

How can you see who looked at your Instagram?

Unless you log into your account and actively track its activities, there is no means of identifying who has visited your Instagram profile. Instagram does not furnish information regarding the individuals or entities that have viewed your account.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Facebook does not reveal the identities of individuals who watched your videos, and there is no way to find out who viewed them. As Facebook’s privacy regulations become more stringent, discerning brief viewers from those who merely scrolled through or did not watch at all has become impossible.

Unless your friends actively interact with your posts, such as liking, reacting, or commenting on your videos, you won’t be able to discern who watched them. The visibility of a friend sharing your video is an exception.

Facebook’s website and mobile app maintain strict privacy measures, preventing access to information about video viewers. If any third-party app claims to offer this service, exercise caution regarding its legitimacy and whether you’re comfortable entrusting it with your Facebook data.

To address the question of whether you can see who watches your videos on Facebook, the answer is no, it’s not possible.

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